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Oculus Scene Features not working via Link

None of the oculus scene features:-room data, Anchors, Shared anchorsseem to be working over link in unity editor. They all throw the following error. I've tried the Shared Spatial anchors sample project, Discover sample project, as well as the sampl...

Etch_VR by Honored Guest
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I want to access MetaQuestPro's folders from my PC.

I created a software to output eye tracking data as CSV files, and I want to access the internal folder of MetaQuestPro on my PC and extract the output files, but MetaQuestPro does not appear in Explorer even though it is connected via C-type cable a...

KATO0409 by Honored Guest
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How to solve Jump Problem?

I want my player to jump. In OVRPlayerController.cs, I commented out the following code. if (!Controller.isGrounded)MoveScale = MoveScaleFloatValue; After that I set my Gravity Modifier to 0.1, and I called the jump function from a different script u...

quest pro bad graphic quality from distance

Every object has extraordinary sharpness and that is specifically compromising the quality of the overall quality. Look at the bookshelf lot of Sharpening from a distance.using Unity Version 2021.3 URPafter applying all optimization render setting al...

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-07 at 11.56.06.jpeg
Ninehertz by Honored Guest
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Spatial Anchors issues and "tutorial"

So I've been testing spatial anchors for a few days and I wanted to make a post to share my progress with the community. There is a little "tutorial" in the end of the post for those who wants to implement the Sharing Spatial Anchor feature.So far I'...

casss.png cas2.png cas3.png cas4.png
Shavier by Protege
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App crashes on Microphone permission request

As the titles says the app is crashing when the user accept the microphone permission, after the crash you can reopen the app and there is no errors and the permissions are granted. I tried to disable the default meta dialog for permissions and manua...

AN0NlM0 by Honored Guest
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Shared Spatial Anchor - Error Code -1006 Issue

I am working on Shared Spatial Anchoring. It saves Successfully to the cloud. when I started OvrSpatialAnchor.share function, it shows "-1006 error code and operation failed". But I already added App Id and also granted permission for user id and use...

Access Token Expired

I was testing our app and started getting this error today, after transferring the app to other organizations.{"error":{"message":"Invalid OAuth 2.0 Access Token","type":"OCApiException","code":190,"error_data":[],"fbtrace_id":"xxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxx"}}Th...

IAP insufficient permision

when i try to buy something in my game it works fine and the menu shows up, but when anyone else try's to buy something it says insufficient permission. can anyone help?

kosh242 by Protege
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Start Screen Recording from Unity3D Ingame

I have to trigger the oculus screen recording feature from my Unity3D application.I need support in building a screen record with audio feature in Quest2.Tried multiple things but my last resort is to start the recording from the oculus inbuilt scree...

Other users can't see Shared Spatial Anchors

Hey,I copied and am trying out the demo project from https://github.com/oculus-samples/Unity-SharedSpatialAnchorsEverything works fine, until I share the anchor. I can get two users to join the same room, a user can create an anchor, and the console ...

Resolved! Use per eye cameras

The qustion may appears stupid, but I wonder what exactly means the "use per eye cameras" in OVRCameraRig.Since it is not enabled by default, I can't imagine the game will use only one camera for both eyes, because it would not be stereoscopic view a...

OneGrab Transformer Oculus Interaction SDK

Hi!I'm having a little problem using the OneGrabTransformers from the Oculus SDK.I want to be able to move and rotate an object, but constrain it to y axis rotation only. As i understand, the OneGrabRotate Transformer component constrain the rotation...

Rednef by Honored Guest
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