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Resolved! PC game played over airlink

Hello I'm a bit lost on where to start for developing a game that is mainly run on pc but played over airlink on the quest 3. The game needs to be able to have multimodal hand and controller tracking. I'm also unsure how to launch I the unity play wi...

Sopkats by Honored Guest
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Bug in V65 Multiplayer

Installed the V65 in Unity 2022.3.22f1 and as soon as I hover over Building Blocks, I get thousands of errors in the Console.Can we get updated V65 as it is crucial for our app to develop multiplayer functionality in Meta Quest.


Business Case: Airlink with no Oculus Account?

Howdy folks, I see a lot of folks looking to play pc games offline after they've synced their headset to the device, or fully download a game and play offline... I'm developing a business app and the company would prefer to not have to link back to t...

How to mix usage of ARFoundation and Meta XR SDKs?

I'm developing a new app that needs to run on Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quest Pro, and Meta Quest 3.I've got the application running successfully on each of the platforms using ARFoundation APIs and the Meta OpenXR SDK.Now I'm looking to incorporate Que...

lou_d by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Errors importing Meta XR Core SDK v65 in unity

Hi when i am importing the Meta XR Core SDK v65 in unity 2022.1.24f1 these error pops in the console saying 'FindAnyObjectByType' or 'FindObjectsByType' or 'FindObjectsSortMode' does not exist in the current contextplease help :Library\PackageCache\c...

Screenshot 2024-05-f123040.png
AmrSol by Explorer
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Hey, so i am working on a unity project that involves the communication between the quest 2 and an esp32 with BLE. My ESP32 supports bluetooth 5.2, and i am trying to leverage the speeds of that technology but it seems that quest 2 is my bottleneck. ...

Meta XR Simulator and OVRBody

Has anyone gotten OVRBody to work with the Meta XR Simulator?I'm running a project with https://github.com/oculus-samples/Unity-Movement to control a mixamo skeleton with full body trackingthe workflow is I drag the skeleton into my project, then go ...

wenbodou by Honored Guest
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OpenXR / XR Interaction Toolkit app not launching

I want to leverage Unity's cross platform ARFoundation library which requires using the Unity OpenXR Plugin rather than Meta's own XR Plugin.I have set up several valid OpenXR skeleton projects inside of different versions of Unity but all builds wil...

jtriveri by Expert Protege
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Private applications development in 2024

Hello, I am wondering if private VR Unity developed apps are still able to be sideloaded onto Meta Quest 3 for use in smaller business cases where someone would not be interested in publicizing their application.I’m sure the answer to this question i...

Virtual keyboard is very unstable

It cost me 7 hours to get the virtual keyboard to show up properly, and only on the device and not in editor. I have a fairly simple project, where I have the building block in the scene, and set the position and rotation of the keyboard within 1 fra...

How to hide hand system palm menu icon

I have hand tracking and it works good. Also we see menu icons (menu icon for left hand and recenter icon for right hand) when rotate palm and look on it. I have some case when i hide hand visuals depends on some hardcoded hand position.And i wonder ...

Hand tracking outdoors

Hi guys,We are currently experiencing an issue with hand tracking in our app when using the Quest Pro outdoors.The symptoms: The hand tracking seems to get into some state where it is unusable - the hand related pointers inside the app are flickering...