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Airlink doesn't work on 49?

I created simple oculus project for which I just installed oculus integration and do some configuration.When I start to play on unity editor, it just play in editor not on Air linked device.Old project which use 47 or older can play on Air linked dev...

omanuke by Honored Guest
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Mixed reality only work in the first scene

When a mixed reality scene element OVRSceneAnchor is destroyed, it get ignored during the whole game session.Opening Mixed reality a second time in another Unity scene is impossible, or very laborious.This is because of recent changes in the Unity In...

Resolved! Portal effect

Hello everyone,I try to find a way ta have a portal effect on the Quest2 and Pro, like this : https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/ar-portals-urp-202936Any idea ?Thanks.

Hevok by Honored Guest
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Unity Oculus Build failed with IL2CPP

Building an oculus app with Unity 2020.x IL2CPP with target architecture arm64 failed for:Exception: Failed running "response.rsp"stdout:Fatal error in Unity CIL LinkerSystem.InvalidOperationException: No action for the assembly TinCan, Version=1.3.0...

Get the current user ID

Im trying to get the current user ID so I can share the spatial anchors, and I did this code:var loggedUser = Oculus.Platform.Users.GetLoggedInUser(); textIP.text = loggedUser.ToString(); But somehow this gets an error and the user info does not disp...

Shavier by Protege
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how to import arcore

Here are the steps to apply ARCore to Meta Quest 2:Download the ARCore SDK First, you need to download and install the ARCore SDK. The ARCore SDK can be used with development tools such as Android Studio or Unity. Download the necessary files from th...

FE_Mason by Honored Guest
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Deadlocks on the GPU

Hi! Recently, we have been encountering another significant problem that we are struggling to resolve.Elven Assassin on Oculus Quest 1/2 stops rendering new frames during gameplay and after some time it throws players to Oculus Home.From our research...

Resolved! Unity game frequenly launches to black screen

Hi, I am experiencing an intermittent problem with an Oculus Quest game that I am developing. When I encounter this problem, I am unable to do any development in the editor. I am using Oculus Link to quickly iterate. Essentially, when I launch the ga...

how to use arcore in hmd

To implement AR Tracking on hmd, it is common to use the ARCore library. ARCore is a mobile AR platform developed by Google and can be used on both Android and iOS devices. Oculus also supports the use of ARCore with hmd.Below is an example Unity cod...

FE_Mason by Honored Guest
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Oculus Integration 49.0 error.

Oculus Integration 49 gives errors when importing (of one which doesn't disappear whatever we tried), using Unity 2021.1.21f1Assets\Oculus\Voice\Lib\Wit.ai\Lib\Conduit\Editor\Training\EnumSynchronizer.cs(303,57): error CS1061: 'List' does not contain...

svenneve by Explorer
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Meta Avatars SDK - hide/disable hands

Hello, I am currently using a framework for VR interaction that gives me hands that can interract with a lot of objects. After i initialized the avatar i noticed it comes it its own hands that are on top of the current hands which have a lot of physi...

Problems with URP Unity 2021.3.x and 2020.2.x

Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your help. I'm having a lot of problems with the URP integration in Unity version 2021.3.- (currently 18f, but I've been testing since 15F with the same results and Oculus Integration v48 and v49 version). I a...

Using Meta Avatar with Normcore

Hello,I'm currently trying tu use Normcore for a multiplayer game with Meta Avatar SDK.Is it possible to implement my Meta avatars with Eye and Face tracking with Normcore to a network (I'm using a Meta Quest Pro) ? Or should I use a different soluti...

Mikrofus by Honored Guest
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Oculus Integration Package

Am working with oculus integration package with Unity and for some reason if you make the Camera Rig the child object and change the position of the parent object. The Camera Rig position changes as well but is different from the change in the parent...

Accidentally disabled systemUX or UI

Now I can't do anything it all just shows up in the grey pass through, I've tried double tapping the side, I've tried moving out of my boundary and seeing if I can reset it but nothing works and I think I just ruined my quest 2 please someone help me...

Foveated Rendering not working properly Unity 2020 LTS

Working on Unity 2020.3.39f1, I updated to the latest Oculus Integration to try to fix this issue (but no luck). When setting levels inside the Application with OVRManager.foveatedRenderingLevel only level 2 actually works (Medium), and I can see it ...

Ayfel by Expert Protege
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Passthrough with Shadow

I'm trying to get shadow cast against the passthrough image. I have a transparent shadow shader (attached to an invisible floor plane) that works fine against a UI Canvas/Image in 'Screen Space - Camera' (see screenshot). When I remove that UI image ...

raeldor by Expert Protege
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