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Problems with URP Unity 2021.3.x and 2020.2.x

Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your help. I'm having a lot of problems with the URP integration in Unity version 2021.3.- (currently 18f, but I've been testing since 15F with the same results and Oculus Integration v48 and v49 version). I a...

Using Meta Avatar with Normcore

Hello,I'm currently trying tu use Normcore for a multiplayer game with Meta Avatar SDK.Is it possible to implement my Meta avatars with Eye and Face tracking with Normcore to a network (I'm using a Meta Quest Pro) ? Or should I use a different soluti...

Mikrofus by Honored Guest
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Oculus Integration Package

Am working with oculus integration package with Unity and for some reason if you make the Camera Rig the child object and change the position of the parent object. The Camera Rig position changes as well but is different from the change in the parent...

Accidentally disabled systemUX or UI

Now I can't do anything it all just shows up in the grey pass through, I've tried double tapping the side, I've tried moving out of my boundary and seeing if I can reset it but nothing works and I think I just ruined my quest 2 please someone help me...

Foveated Rendering not working properly Unity 2020 LTS

Working on Unity 2020.3.39f1, I updated to the latest Oculus Integration to try to fix this issue (but no luck). When setting levels inside the Application with OVRManager.foveatedRenderingLevel only level 2 actually works (Medium), and I can see it ...

Ayfel by Expert Protege
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Passthrough with Shadow

I'm trying to get shadow cast against the passthrough image. I have a transparent shadow shader (attached to an invisible floor plane) that works fine against a UI Canvas/Image in 'Screen Space - Camera' (see screenshot). When I remove that UI image ...

raeldor by Expert Protege
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Two hand grab pose

Hello everyone! I wanted to create a two handed grab pose using Interaction SDK for holding the weapons like AR, Sniper etc for my FPS game. I've searched this a bit but can't find anything useful. I know how to record a hand pose and already managed...

Eratriel by Honored Guest
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Any info on Meta XR Simulator ?

Hi, does anybody have information about the experimental Meta XR Simulator that shipped with Oculus Integration v49? It sounds too good to be true. But how will it work? will it simulate an actual Quest app, or run as Rift? I made a small test with i...

ahgames by Protege
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Multi Pass Rendering + Oculus Unity Integration

I am currently trying to use interaction SDK + stereoscopic video to work together through the Unity game engine. Rendering a stereoscopic video requires using multi-pass rendering in Unity. In the OVR camera rig, I already enable "use per eye Camera...

Gradle Build Error

I have built my project once and when i try to build again i get a Gradle Error(“ Gradle has edited unexpectedly”). The project ask builds successfully but when i try to build to Quest 2 it creates the previously stated Error.

Keep an object grabbed in a hand

Hi,I'm a beginner, I've seen the examples of grab, distance grab of Oculus,I would like:1- after taking an object with the grab, have it remain in my hand after I release the grip button, such as a racket in my hand.2- I'd like to initialize an objec...

Info Canvas Scale Animation

Hi,I want to create a canvas with general info of my vr game and I added a scale animation so the canvas will show up as a pop-up window and have a close button on top right for closing. When I press the button to show, the scale -up animation is tri...

Loading times using Airl link

I have been using air link to control the pc and do development, everytime I try the play button in unity however ever since the last 3 days I have been presented with the infinite rotating hourglass in the oculus quest 2 trying to launch the scene, ...

Issue opening Oculus Menu

Hello,i've got a Problem with an Meta Quest app.Everything is fine, but when i hit the oculus Button to open the Menu the menu opens as expected, but the surrounding of the application is freezed to the Headmovemend, so you really get sick during nav...