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UI Flickering in Oculus Quest

Hello,I want to ask about UI Flickering in Oculus Quest developing using Unity 2019.1.7f1.I already increase the Dynamic Pixels per Units in Canvas, but it doesn't fix the issueAnyone faced this before and have solution for this?I attached the image ...

OVRGazepointer with disabled position tracking

The OVRGazepointer does not work well when the position tracking is disabled in the camera rig. The cursor is no longer centered, sometimes don't even follow the camera and the UI click areas have some form of offset. I have to move further downwards...

How to move player by grabbing world space?

hi!I'm trying to code a locomotion system similar to Lone Echo/Sprint Vector, but it's my first time using Unity's XR Toolkit on the Rift S (also I'm still learning to code).The mechanic: user keeps a button down and then drags the world to move.My c...

Weird Error

I'm getting `ovr_GetHandPose failed: ovr_GetHandPose: Only Oculus Link is supported.` Spammed in my editor log.I am not using Oculus Link. I am developing for PCVR using a CV1.I noticed a similar post was made for UE4's plugin and was left unanswered...

JWNJWN by Level 2
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Emission does not work on Quest

Hi, i'm a developping on Oculus Quest under Unity. I'm migrating an app from HTC Vive to Quest. Code is somehow similar and used to work well on Vive.Anyway, I want to highlight some objects. The following code was working well on Vive but nothing ha...

V2 Signing of Quest App in Unity

I used Unity to build and sign the APK.. When I try to upload the APK to the Build Dashboard Alpha Channel for testing I get this error:I followed the link but was unable to get any of the solutions to work.I did a bit of surfing on the Developer Doc...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Quest MRC setup

Working on getting one of my apps to work with MRC on quest - aside from camera calibration and enabling it on the OVRManager is there anything else I am missing? When I open my app and connect to the quest in OSB the background camera is very high a...

UI Elements and laserpointer flying upwards

I have tried to create a very simple project where I have a Oculus with a controller and a laser pointer to interacti with certain UI Elements. The project is setup as simple as possbile. I just imported the oculus integration, I added a OVRPlayerCon...

OVRAvatar in Unity shows wrong controller mesh

hello,i cant find it out but for some reason, i think since i imported the latest version of oculus integration (v16) in unity, my OVRAvatar prefab suddenly shows the controller mesh of the legacy Oculus Touch controllers, instead of the new ones whi...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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[I SOLVED IT]Off hand Grab just stopped working

unity 2019.2.3oculus integration 13 and 14I have a Mac and use the oculus questI can't even begin to guess whats wrong it worked one day and not the next.I was working with external scripts that accessed the grabble but it worked even then. distance ...

Create an overlay app like the OVRMetric tool

Hi allIs it possible in unity to create an overlay app like the OVRMetric tool? I'm looking at VR accessibility - in particular simulating the different types of colour blindness for the apps we develop. Would be great to have one app to overlay/simu...

How to build an Asymmetrical VR game?

Hi AllI am making Recovery treatments for Human health problems by VR games and I am interested in adding Asymmetrical VR features. It lets us to play 'crossplay' between VR and non-VR users by Asymmetric local co-op mode feature( for example in the ...