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Google Drive with Oculus Go

I need to login into my google account to authenticate myself when accessing Google Drive through the Oculus Go app I'm developing at workI'm using Unity and this plugin from github (i can't post links yet, my account is too recent): github dot com/E...

ft1825 by Honored Guest
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SocketException since firmware v46 on Quest

Our App cannot connect to our servers anymore since firmware version v46, as we are getting a socket exception. We had no issues with build v44 and our App build has been running fine before that. SocketException: mono-io-layer-error (10013) E Unity ...

Resolved! quest2 v46 not support OpenXR?

Oculus Quest2 Headset updated to v46. ( created with OpenXR in Unity do not launch after update.The problem has been around since last Wednesday.Games uploaded to AppLab also cannot be accessed.

Oculus Spatializer on Mac

I love developing for Quest on the Mac, everything works super well except for... Oculus Spatializer. I've been in touch with Oculus support on this issue. Oculus support's reply was that they don't have a mac. Basically it doesn't work on Intel mac ...

hawken by Honored Guest
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Resolved! v44 not support OpenXR?

Hi, I am a developer using OpenXR.Whenever I try to open an APK I built in Unity, I get a loading bar with 3 dots and it still goes back to oculus home after trying several times, clearing the cache and eventually factory resetting the headset. The i...


Clamping Meta Avatar 2 Hands to an object

Hi, I've imported and setup the new Meta Avatars, and everything seems to work fine, but I cannot get the Avatar 2 hands to clamp to any object. I've had this working with the local avatar hands, because it spawned the actual hand transforms and cont...

Hiram_JM by Honored Guest
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Unity 2017.4 LTS and Quest 2 Compatibility

Hi everyone, We have a Unity project built in Unity 2017.4 LTS. We released a Go and Rift version in the last 12 months. However, we now wish to create a Quest / Quest 2 port of the game. When looking at the current minimum specs ( found here: https:...

How to colorize default Meta Avatar?

Now that I have the default gray avatars showing, how do I colorize them? The release notes (https://developer.oculus.com/downloads/package/meta-avatars-sdk/) say it's possible, but I can't find any documentation about how to do it.

Issues with instantiating prefabs

Hello, I have encountered multiple times different issues when instantiating prefabs (via standard GameObject.Instantiate or Addressables), Since my scene is data-driven, I am loading most of my Game Objects on Awake() / Start(), and that causes a re...

Oculus home button - controllers spawn on face

I'm developing a VR app for Oculus Quest, and I'm noticing strange behavior when hitting the Oculus home button on the right controller. The app slows down significantly, it almost seems like a second camera is created, and both controller models spa...

CNevan by Protege
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Hand Tracking not Working on Quest 1

Hi all, I've been working on an app for Oculus Quest 1 (Unity, Integration SDK), using Link.Until today everything was working fine. Suddenly, all of the scenes using hand tracking (through the Interaction SDK) have the following problem: the hands a...

25thFloor by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Head Tracking not working from Unity Build

Hello! My VR app, which I have built exactly according to the instructions here - https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/unity-enable-device/ no longer supports the built-in head tracking from Oculus Integration. That is - the app builds an...

samhincks by Honored Guest
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Resolved! How to Access Raw Bytes of Meta Avatar CDN data?

I have the Meta Avatars working in a networked app on the Oculus Quest. Now I want to get the raw bytes of the Avatar data retrieved from the CDN so I can send them to a room server that can send this data out to users on other platforms so that they...

One grab rotate transformer broke

Hi, I use One Grab Rotate Transformer for joystick which give a boost to she ship and when is rotate and give boosted to ship and i ungrab joystick, after grab it again I cant rotate him anymore. What should I do?

FreedLOW by Honored Guest
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Application.quitting not getting called

For my project, we have an analytics call that we want to perform when the user is trying to close the application. When we test the logic in the editor, it works just fine. However, on device the code does not get called. I have seen from some other...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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