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NullReferenceError when playing in Unity

I have setup an OVRPlayerController and a simple plane, and I keep getting a NullReferenceError in the CharacterCameraConstraint.cs when trying to fetch `SimpleCapsuleWithStickMovement` in that file? Have no clue why it cannot find it. Any clues?

Cannot remove Oculus plugin from any Unity project

After importing the Oculus Unity Integration into any project, even an empty one, I can no longer remove the Oculus plugins. A Unity error prevents it.It should be easy to remove Oculus support from an App, it's an option in the menu: "Oculus -> Tool...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Go height/position/tracking

I am trying to set the Oculus Go's and Oculus Quest's height manually (Quest in tracking disabled state). Since those are then 3-DOF headsets, this should be easy. Unfortunately, using Oculus Integrations' OVRPlugin, depending on whether I set Unity'...

Unity 2019.3.7f1 build crashes

I have a project with 8 scenes in it. When I build the each scene individually, it works fine. But, when I connect the scenes and build, the first 3 work fine. When I get to the fourth scene, it loads but freezes on the frame it's on. Then I eventual...

Objects return to hands - OVR Grabbable

Not sure why this is happening, but as the title states, after dropping *some* of my OVRGrabbable objects, they *sometimes* return to my hand (using the Custom Hands prefabs) as soon as I close it again. I've disabled offhand grab, distance grab, and...

Link, Quest, and Unity

Good news... with Link you're now able to Play your scene WITHOUT building the apk!All I did was download the latest Oculus package from the Asset Store and install it.Download and install the Oculus desktop software.Reboot.Connect the PC to Quest vi...

VSync: on or off?

Sorry for that stupid newb question, but should I turn VSync off, on, doesn't matter or depends on?I want to work on sickness and know if it's the right direction.

maa_boo by Level 2
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Rift/Rift S Controller Center Of Mass

Hi All,We are implementing throwing in our game and I was wondering if anyone at Oculus could tell me where the center of mass of each controller is (in Unity space with batteries in). I have approximated it using volumes etc. but it would be nice to...

[QUEST] Freeze with use of lineRenderers

Hi everyone,I'm beginner on Unity development and oculus quest development.I would like to try to display different perimeters. Each perimeter is the same that the outer boundary and i apply it rotations.So, i reuse an oculus script I have modified. ...

Resolved! Use Oculus Quest as Rift for Unity Developement

Hey,for faster compilation time and for console output i would really like to use my Oculus Quest as Oculus Rift over the USB 3.0 Cable connected to my computer in unity. I know that I can run virtual reality games on my computer and stream them to m...

max9481 by Level 3
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Getting Touch Controller Velocity

Hello,I have been trying to implement everything from the character controller and grabbing objects using touch controllers from scratch.I have set up my player object such that when I want to rotate I rotate a parent object and not the camera itself...

OVRInput doesn't find Rift S Controllers

Hi all,I have just tried integrating the new Rift S headset into my project and it all works except for Input. I can see my scene, and I can see my controllers, but Input can not be found. I tried finding any input using:if (OVRInput.Get(OVRInput.But...

UI buttons only work after the first click

Is any one else experiencing this? My buttons do not work the first time you click them but once past the first click they work 100%.I'm building using the new updates for both Unity 2019.3.5f1 and Oculus 14.0Any ideas as to what is causing this are ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Locomotion Teleport to with both triggers

Hello ! I have a Player with Locomotion Teleport enabled and I would like to set it up to use either one of the Index Trigger Buttons to Aim and Teleport. With the options in the Inspector from "TeleportInputHandlerTouch.cs" I have tried multiple com...

CalinTa by Level 2
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Problem with lipsync and unity

Hi, i'm working an Android App using Unity 2019.2.8f1 and intest version of oculus SDK, i have an one LipSyncInterface prefab and 2 objeckt that use LipSyncContext but in the script when i call Play method on LipSync they move the lip but the audio d...

Friends List returned empty

I am using Unity 2018.4.7f1 and latest Oculus integration SDK till date. When I try to fetch the current logged in users friends list, it is returned empty. I have 8 oculus friends in my list as of now.

Two-hand grabbing of objects in Virtual Reality

Hi,I am currently working on a room-scaled VR game where the Player uses the (Oculus Touch) controllers to grab differently-shaped blocks. The blocks can only be grabbed when both hands are at one of the sides of the block and the buttons of both con...

Nesse_M by Level 2
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