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App suddenly stopped executing in Quest 2

I have a project in Unity that I used to "Build and Run" to test the application with the Oculus Quest 2, which worked fine up until now. I did not touch any settings, and today I tried to "Build and Run" again, but the app is not launching anymore w...

Buffer-based Haptics are broken for Quest 2

Haptic controller vibrations are a crucial tool for creating game immersion. While simple "buzzes" (a constant vibration amplitude for a specified duration) can be serviceable, modern controllers allow developers to play custom waveforms through the ...

UnitySDK Passthrough Video Issues and Cable Lag

Having an issue with the passthrough video feed on a locally running app using the AugmentedObjects test scene. It has lots of tiny slashes through it and extra camera warping. Almost like the passthrough mesh has tears. It only shows in the build an...

mreimer by Expert Protege
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Meta Avatar 2 Custom Hand Poses

Hey,I'm currently implementing custom hand poses to meta avatars and have followed the documentation here: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/meta-avatars-custom-hand-poses/?locale=en_GBHowever, the documentation is incredibly sparse an...

IAP OnComplete does not finish

We have discovered an issue where some of our users are pressing the Oculus home button right after they enter the pin when purchasing our subscription service. This results in the IAP.LaunchCheckoutFlow().OnComplete() never being called. Any additio...

IAP checkout callback issue

Hi,In our one of app we are using the following code from unity platform SDK to implement IAP consumables, IAP.LaunchCheckoutFlow(temp).OnComplete(LaunchCheckoutFlowCallback);We configured a test user account to test on alpha channel, the above code ...

Quest angular velocity wrong in builds

I posted about this a while ago. Following up to see if anyone else has seen this. The OVRInput.GetLocalControllerAngularVelocity() method returns world space velocity in Quest builds. This does not happen in the editor/PCVR builds. This also does no...

Bug OVR Overlay

when i use ovr overlay, both in my scene and the one given in example gives this error: ovr overlay error NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object OVROverlay.PopulateLaye

giulychu by Honored Guest
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Quest tracking

I have some issues with Quest 2 tracking. My team is developing a multiplayer game with with free movement. We have an empty 8x8m area, where players can walk with their feets. Our environment had designed for this area. So, we draw and disable guard...

display.displayFrequency not setting

Hi there, I'm using Unity 2021.3.11f1, Oculus SDK Integration with the OpenXR backend enabled. I'm trying to set the refresh rate to 90Hz, I've got an object in scene with a script with: OVRManager.display.displayFrequency = 90.0f; When I build to th...

Quick Invite link not working

I have tried implementing quick invite link but it shows User cannot other invite other, set the group presence to be at Destination, lobby session id and join able to be true. Even though user presence is set and this works with the oculus invite pa...

Resolved! ALPHA Release Channel "Test Status" always "Failed"

Hi everyone. I'm finally at my wits end on this one. I've been able to successfully upload my apk to the ALPHA Release Channel, but the "Test Status" always says "Failed". However, when inspected, everything has passed. Here's what I'm looking at: Fa...

weatx_0-1666065058825.png AlphaReleaseChannel.png
weatx by Protege
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Hi fellow devs,We're pretty much done with our app, but it involves a download of a large video file. We've got it working using 'httpwebrequest', but this requires the user to keep the app open - and because it's such a large file, it seems unlikely...

DllNotFoundException: LibOVRPlatform64_1

I am working on a Unity project and trying to implement Oculus Leaderboards. I am getting following errors and unable to fetch the scores. DllNotFoundException: LibOVRPlatform64_1Oculus.Platform.StandalonePlatform.Initialize (System.String accessToke...

Teleportation with hand tracking in Unity?

How do I get the teleportation functionality where you point with your palm facing up and close your index finger to teleport? The locomotion sample scene doesn't work for me with hand tracking enabled. All the components seem to be specific to contr...

Get GPU frametime on Quest

I'm trying to implement Unity's Dynamic Resolution as a quick fix for the remaining GPU-bound scenarios in our game, but I'm running into the issue that I can't seem to get the last GPU frametime no matter what API I use. Neither FrameTimingManager.G...

JoeriCG by Explorer
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How to: Creating Unity VR splash screens

Hi,I wrote up a blog post about how to make a simple splash screen for Rift/GearVR.Would love any feedback in case I missed anything, or if there is a better way to do it.http://talesfromtherift.com/vr-splash/Hope this helps some one,Peter []-)

Google Drive with Oculus Go

I need to login into my google account to authenticate myself when accessing Google Drive through the Oculus Go app I'm developing at workI'm using Unity and this plugin from github (i can't post links yet, my account is too recent): github dot com/E...

ft1825 by Honored Guest
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