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PSA for using Unity XR plugin

We just shipped our first game built on the Unity XR Plugin architecture, and ran into a few gotchas that took a while to work through. Sharing here to hopefully save others some pain. Even though the plugin works great in the editor, you will still ...

How to disable the recording feature?

Hi,I'm building an app from Unity 2020 and I would not want the app to be able to record by the user. Currently, any application that you run directly on the headset (Oculus Quest/Oculus Go) has an option to record a video or take a photo if you open...

OVRInput.get() functions not working

I am trying to write a simple function to get a button click from OVR.Input and the .Get() and .GetDown() functions always return false. The controller works to grab objects with the triggers and the hands and fingers move accordingly in the game so ...

TCP Connection broken in Recent Update

I've been using WinSock2 to have the Oculus Quest as a client for a C++ server. It's been working fine during development for quite a while until a recent update on the Quest. I don't know what changed in the past 2 weeks, but something broke the TCP...

Hands 2.0

Hello everyone,I have a unity simple scene created to follow hand movements and I want to use the new hand tracking upgrade.I have added in the android manifest the code line that is suppose to make it work and I have updated the oculus integration p...

Quest v.39 Unity project no longer working.

I noticed that the supported Versions of Unity are 2019.4.4 and higher, and I was wondering whether this would be the reason why my built APK file (of my Unity VR application) is no longer executing at all (as an unknown source)?This error has occurr...

Incorrect Ambisonic Audio Playback

(Using Unity 2019.3.0b11)Testing in my own scenes as well as the included yellow ball test scene the Oculus Spatializer will not treat ambisonic audio properly. No matter what I do it positions the audio at the source and spatializes it as any other ...

ryan99 by Explorer
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Can't change reolution settings on Quest 2

Hi, I've been trying to implement a setting menu for my application for the Quest 2 but cannot find anyu working way to change the resolution within a Unity Script, if anyone knows anything that could help it would be greatly appreciated

Job1501 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Getting head and finger orientation

Hey gang - glad to see a great support forum for the Oculus Quest 2 with Unity. I'm migrating an app from open XR to oculus to take advantage of the oculus hand tracking. I'm experiencing issues with the data (or lack of) and wondering if anyone can ...

Meta Avatar Hand Bones -- What coordinate system?

I'm trying to manually convert OVRSkeleton bone transforms to drive Meta Avatars (for testing, I want to drive avatars with pre-recorded input). But the coordinate system seems to be different. It's very difficult to debug because the avatar system's...

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Avatar 2 makes my FPS around 30

Hello!I'm using Avatar2 and I need to have collisions and rigidbodys so I instantiated OVRcustomHand prefabs.Now I have 30 FPS, I need minimum 60. Not sure how to use profiler.But is there anything I can do to get better results?

Muszti by Protege
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UsePerEyeCamera is not working on Unity-URP

Hi, we are trying to render stereoscopic videos in the oculus quest 2 project,using Unity3D -2020.3.27 .for that we need different cameras for each eye (UsePerEyeCamera Mode).but the oculus is rendering only the left eye camera in both eyes.is there ...

Hand tracking two hands manipulation

*Hand tracking questionsHi, does anyone know how to keep an object stay with one hand while grabbing another object?I want to keep grabbing the blue object in the video while I am holding the white object. However, the blue object falls off when I re...

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Kijimu7 by Explorer
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