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Validation with oculus.software.handtracking

I've setup our project like the Hand Tracking docs state for optional use, but when I use ovr-platform-util to upload to Quest store I getERROR: Validation identified the following errors:The attribute is not allowed for this platform in AndroidMani...

No icon on smartphone build

Hi, I'm developing a multiplatform game in Oculus, Android (Smartphone) and WebGL.When I build it on Oculus or WebGL, there is no problem. But on Android!!!In XR Settings I changed Oculus to None in VirtualReality SDKs. It works faster and all was go...

Unity versions with compatibility concerns

I am currently using 2019.1.5f Unity to developing my multiplayer game with Photon PUN 2 free on Oculus Quest. I am worrying about 2019.1.5f Unity is not in the 3 best compatibility version on documentation, which are 2017.4 LTS, 2018.4 LTS and 2019....

Oculus XR Plugin out of date?

Hey, the Oculus Integration on the store has OVRPlugin version 1.45, but the OVRPlugin in the Oculus XR package (1.1.5) is only 1.41. I would've though these would be updated in sync. Am I missing something or do I just need download both.

OVROverlay Underlay issue

@imperativity et al: I have an Oculus Go/Samsung GearVR Application developed using Unity. Since I am relatively new to Oculus Overlay renderings and the documentations ( for beginners ) are far from ideal, I need the forum's help.Scenario: I am tryi...

vk10 by Level 2
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Oculus Rift S Controller bug on Unity?

When I use OVRInput.Get(OVRInput.Axis2D.SecondaryThumbStick) it usually returns the position of the SECONDARY Thumb stick but sporadically return the PRIMARY controller at other times.The same problem occurs with the Oculus Demo 'Distance Grab' shoul...

OVRPlayerController Rotation around HMD

Hello,I'm having an problem with player rotation. I'm current using OVRPlayerController for player controller. The issue is that when a player turns the character, the charater rotates about the center of the character. When the player is standing on...

Add physics to hands

Hi all!I'm using the latest version of Oculus plug-in and Oculus version.I've found tutorial on how to add interaction with hand, by pinching, for example. I checked for the "HandInteractionTrainScene" scene and it works fine.But, I can only interact...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Unity - OVRPlayerController Issue

Hi there! I'm new to Unity and VR development and having an issue with the OVRPlayerController. I have a door set up and if I'm not in the center of my play space, I snag the edge of the door frame and can't pass through. Also, if I'm at the very edg...

Custom hand pose workflow?

Trying to use custom hand poses for holding different items. Here's my current workflow for creating poses:In Oculus Link, play scene and pauseDuplicate hand GameObjectAdd a Pose Edit Helper componentAdjust transforms until happySave as prefabI know ...

Weitin by Level 4
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Obtaining head tracking information

Hello,I am trying to record head tracking info such as orientation, velocity and acceleration of headset when moving head side to side. Anyone know how to obtain these records in Unity? I'd like to output these values to a cvs for analysis. Thank you

Detecting and Switching Handedness

In our game, we're trying to detect and switch the handedness. I've found the basic information on the calls to get the information for which hand is set in the profile, but I can't find any more information on it. We're having an issue where I detec...

Teleport Locomotion with only NavMesh

I'm trying to use the TeleportTargetHandlerNavMesh component from the Locomotion example in order to allow teleporting only to valid points on the NavMesh. I have a NavMesh generated, but the targeting still only seems to want to work against collide...

Unity text on Oculus GO

I'm developing on the Oculus GO in unity and the text in my scene appears either blurry or jittery. I'm using Unity's text mesh pro, msaa anti-aliasing at 8x sampling. Screen space anti-aliasing just makes everything look blurry. I just notice that t...

floor level incorrect

Hi, I'm developing a space game but my floor level is not correct I become like 20 cm longer in the game and the controllers are unable to pick up objects that are on the floorI am using the quest, unity 2019.2.12f1 and I am using version 12.0

Pointing with CustomHand while near Physical UI

Hello.  I am trying to create a physical UI and want to make my hand automatically go into the pointing position where a rigidbody is added. I see that when the "Flex" parameter from the animator is 1.0f and the others are not affected, the hand can...

SolveH by Level 2
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360 Content on the Overlay Layer

Note to all developers looking to use the overlay layer to render 360 content. There are issues within the Oculus overlay implementation which makes 360 content not a viable option. The overlay layer is rendering straight to the eyebuffer(screen) and...