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Hand Tracking Quit Working in Editor

Greetings,A week ago, both the hand tracking projects I'm working on, would show my hands when I played in editor. But yesterday and today, I can't get hands to show in editor anymore. One of my project I'm on a collab team, and everyone else on the ...

Dash Error "Fatal Error, reload Dash"

Hello, I am Yongbum Kim.I have been developing Oculus CV1 application with Unity since 2017.I have never experienced any problem & any error so far, but 2 months ago, I could not run Oculus app plugged to Unity in CV1 display.There is only one "Fatal...

Tracking Mode Floor

Hi, I have a question about the Tracking Mode. If I use Floor and try to recenter in the Oculus Home Menu, my Characater's Y Position changed to a different one. I thought Tracking mode Floor is always the correct height above the floor or am I wrong...

Resolved! Can't teleport with both hands

Hi,I'm using the scripts from the Locomotion Sample Scene to teleport on nodes with both hands.This is the "Teleport Input Handler Touch" configuration in the scene. When I'm using the RightHand, everything works fine.But with the LeftHand, the ray b...

Milkca by Honored Guest
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Oculus Integration Entitlement Check

Hello all,I am experiencing an issue with the oculus integration package that I'm looking for help with. The goal is to pull product data from the in-app purchases addon on the oculus dev dashboard into a text box inside my unity project. I have an e...

editor settings.png Screenshot 2022-08-29 182046.png Entitlement Check.png Testing Purchases.png
ZanSaito by Honored Guest
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Unity Play Mode

I'm new to development and I apologise if this is a newb question, but I am getting this error when I run my game in play mode in Unity. Does anyone know how to fix this error? NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an obj...

HuskyWo1f by Honored Guest
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Proper Way to Load Remote User Avatar

I'm working through the next phase of a multiplayer VR experience using the Meta Avatars2 SDK and Photon. I'm struggling to understand a key concept. That is, how to load the remote users Avatar. My current process is this:1) First player joins the r...

j0schm03 by Explorer
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Unity development rendering mismatch issue

I am currently working on a VR project in Unity with a SDK. The SDK basically gets environment information in the scene, creates a shadow-map with some effects, and attaches the shadow-map to the final rendering. This SDK works in regular PC build an...

ctfyang by Honored Guest
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Get notified when friend declined a room invitation

Hello everyone!After a room invitation is sent to a friend via the Rooms.InviteUser method, that user is added to the InvitedUsersOptional list of that room. Is there a way for the inviter to be notified when the invited refused the invitation ? Whet...

Low_Tee by Honored Guest
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Button.OnSelect() not found with Oculus integration

I imported the oculus integration package to my vr project and now i get this error Assets\Oculus\SampleFramework\Usage\SpatialAnchor\Scripts\AnchorUIManager.cs(326,21): error CS1061: 'Button' does not contain a definition for 'OnSelect' and no acces...

AV3E by Honored Guest
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Unity VR + Photon 2 + Meta Avatars

Spoiler (Highlight to read)Hi,I am building a VR multiplayer game with Unity & Photon.I am planning to put the app in the oculus store. For now everything works but, I want the players to be AVATARS with their own custom avatars.As I understood there...

Resolved! P2P Voip Timeout

The latest problem is that the previous projects can normally connect VoIP and P2P. Since last Saturday, it can't be connected. The print shows that the connection request has been received ,Net.Connect(userID) and Voip.Accept(userID) has been called...

SharedSpaces Unity oculus sample

Hello! Can someone please help with the newest Oculus SharedSpaces Unity project sample. We would like to test this implementation in our project as well. But firstly we are trying to understand the sample project. I have downloaded the Oculus Shared...

2021-12-14 11_07_19-Unity-SharedSpaces-main - Startup - Android - Unity 2020.3.24f1 Personal _DX11_.png
ArtisV by Honored Guest
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Meta Avatar not displaying the users avatar

Has anyone here been able to bring down a user's Meta Avatar? I have the new Meta Avatars working in my title, but only with the generic test avatars, not the logged in users avatar. I have played around with the parameters circled in red from the Sa...