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Custom Avatar Issues

I am using Unity 2020.1.0f1 and Oculus 1.4 and Oculus Integration 18. However, I have had these same issues in older versions as well. I have set up the App ID and everything included in the Oculus documentation.First, the AvatarGallery sample scene ...

Jackm1993 by Honored Guest
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v31 OVRPlugin

Hi,I'm a little bit confused about v31 SDK update. Currently, I'm using OVRPlugin in Unity from the integration package, but I will have to move to Oculus XR and OpenXR which is fine. What about the v31 platform SDK? Will it be available in legacy OV...

GearVR Oculus Browser deep linking from Unity?

Application.OpenURL("http://www.whatever.com") loads the default webbrowser for the device.Whats the possibility of exposing the ability to use the GearVR Oculus Browser so we can stay in VR and not have to take our HMD off?Maybe it could be expsoed ...

paw9k by Protege
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Unity game stuck "loading" on first run

Our game developed in Unity (2019.4.10f1) will very intermittently fail to load on Rift S when it is run the first time. It sits at "Loading ...." in white infinity forever. Logs indicate that around the time of this failure, there are a bunch of pro...

ntclark by Honored Guest
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Resolved! True Recenter on Quest 2 ??

i tried some methods to recenter / reset / calibrate position but got no success !!like as:OVRManager.display.RecenterPose(); OVRPlugin.RecenterTrackingOrigin(OVRPlugin.RecenterFlags.Default); OVRPlugin.SetTrackingCalibratedOrigin(); UnityEngine.XR.I...


Oculus Quit App not working

I'm developing an app for Rift and Quest. Works great on Quest, but on the Rift when I hit the Oculus button and select "Quit App" the HMD goes to the menu, but the app continues to run in the background with full tracking, everything. I have to swit...

OVRGrabber stops working

Hi everyone,I'm building a prototype with around 150-200 grabbable objects for a test. When throwing an object and if the collision with the ground or other objects is strong enough, the thrown object will instantiate a shattered prefab version of it...

tbkuno by Explorer
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Resolved! CPU and GPU level ?? [Quest 2]

i tried to set GPU and CPU level to 5 [based on maximum available on metrics tool]to get maximum performance ... [on Quest 2] by using OVRPlugin.cpuLevel = OVRPlugin.gpuLevel = 5; but does not affect!!any suggestion? P.S: Unity 2021.1.14 + URP + SDK ...

Initial state position??

how can i define virtual player position at the center of virtual room if real player was anywhere ??seems that oculus forces initial virtual player position to be aligned to the initial player point of oculus guardian, even if it's off !!

Oculus Integration Hand Tracking

Hello Team,I'm running across an issue with the Oculus integration package. I'm unable to activate hand tracking or use controllers. I'm currently building out a scene in Unity and everything works. I was able to fix the issue temporarily going into ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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