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Resolved! Quest 3 one eye not showing complete scene

I'm trying to run the lighting sample provided in the Oculus Integration package on the Quest 3 using Unity. But I'm only seeing the flashlight on my left eye (like in the image below) and on my right eye I just see the dark room. I've also noticed t...


Trouble with Achievements in Unity (Testing)

Hello there! I'm a new to Oculus SDK developing. I need to add achievement in my game and facing some problems with it. I already install Oculus Integration to unity and implement just one unlock function of one achievement, that already has been add...

Room scanning on Quest 3?

I'm trying to figure out how to do the room scanning on Quest 3 (like in the demo app "first encounter", not the basic plane detection that sets up walls from your room setup). I'm pretty frustrated with the lack of documentation and I'm having a lot...

AiDev by Honored Guest
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New Virtual Keyboard Draw Call Issue

The new meta quest virtual keyboard has far too many draw calls out of the box. I measured 3k draw calls in just the demo scene alone, most of the draw calls are coming from the virtual keyboard. I've tried SRP and URP and both have the same amount o...

Screenshot 2023-10-05 183912.png

Choppy audio recordings

When using the Quest 3 built in recording system within my app that I built with Unity that has music playing inside of it, I am getting very choppy audio in my recordings. It sounds really bad. Is this happening to anyone else too?

enable to see object

Hi, I am completely beginer about unity and meta quest 3. I want to see some object in VR, so I put OVRCameraRig and cube in my project. Then I executed Build and Run, but I cannot see the object in VR world. Could you tell me what is the problem and...

unity 2020 The scene is not loaded ERROR

Hi , I use Unity 2020.3.48f1 with Oculus integration version 53.1 and it gives me this error in the console everytime over and over again"ArgumentException: The scene is not loaded.UnityEngine.SceneManagement.Scene.GetRootGameObjects (System.Collecti...

ofb92 by Honored Guest
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Requesting Audio Focus on Quest 2

Hello everyone, my company has a social app on Quest 2. There is an intermittent and unpredictable bug that happens where 100% of the sound from the app cuts out and the user hears nothing. We cannot find any consistent way to reproduce the problem b...

Stuck at Quest Link home view

Hi, quest link is properly connected and running the home view (with infinite empty space and QL panels) but when I hit the play button on Unity the app try to launch since I see a half sec black screen then it immediatly returns to QL home and compu...

Rainbow noisy pixels

Hi, I am developing app for Quest 2 on Unity. After one of spring Quest OS updates performance had degraded at times. The most frustrating rainbow noisy pixels on the right side. I uploaded demo apk file in which you can see this problem. I tried to ...

pkosyakov by Honored Guest
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Oculus Spatializer for Wwise integration

Morning Everyone,For my project I'm using Unity 2021.3.8 with Oculus ingration v56 Wwise v 2022.1.8I've recently integrated Wwise in my project to add sounds with the Oculus Spatializer.Here is a list of the steps i've taken:Download Wwise launcherSe...

Davide122 by Honored Guest
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Quest3 - Head rotation problem in Unity play mode

When connecting Quest3 via airlink to Unity (play mode), head rotations are not visible in the headset. The tracking works ok in the unity desktop game window, but in the headset is no tilt. It seems the scene is always centered. Eg. a cube will not ...

to10 by Honored Guest
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Quest3 - Head rotation problem in Unity play mode

Hi, when connecting Quest3 via airlink to Unity (play mode), head rotations along the Z axis are not tracked. The tracking works ok in unity on desktop, but in the headset, the there is no tilt. It seems the scene is always centered. Eg. a cube will ...

to10 by Honored Guest
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Scene Understanding not working

Hello,Im developing an Oculus game and i tried the bouncingball demo that came with the Oculus Integration in UNITY. before i ran the demo, i use the Oculus OS Guardian to specify the floor, and the walls of my actual real life room. Then i ran the b...

NSmithVR by Honored Guest
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Oculus Virtualkeyboard Custom

I am currently conducting user experience comparative research related to virtual keyboard input interaction in VR environments using Oculus. To facilitate my research, I am looking to make some modifications to the virtual keyboard provided by Oculu...

Unity OpenXR plugin Application Space Warp needed

Hi, dev.App Space Warp is such a good feature, but at the current stage I have to switch from OpenXR plugins to Oculus plugins to enable that.From my understanding, for OpenXR plugins, Meta features are enabled by extending the Unity OpenXR feature a...

timtaotao by Honored Guest
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