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Passing VRC.Mobile.Functional.1

I am developing a game for Gear VR. After submitting to the store, my game failed the VRC.Mobile.Functional.1 test. The feedback given was: "The application crashes at some point soon after booting the application with approximately 20% of occurrence...

OVR Rift Movement (Compiling Errors)

Dear community,I'm using Unity for a school project trying to make a VR Showroom. I've been able to set up the Rift to track head movement. The only thing i want to add is movement. I am following a tutorial from the developer tutorials (Tutorial bui...

Oculus Integration for Unity - v1.35 (02/28/19)

Version 1.35 of our integration for Unity has been released!Unity has released 2018.3.3f1 which resolves the issues encountered in versions 2018.3.1 and 2018.3.2. If you’re using any previous 2018.3 versions, we recommend upgrading to 2018.3.3f1 imme...

Validation test results problem

I'm getting this as a validation test result problem when I try to upload my apk as a beta to the developer store: The package uses Google Mobile Services, which is not supported on this device.After googling for the issue and searching this forum I ...

Unity UI for Oculus Go?

Hello everyone, I have started a new Unity project and imported the Oculus SDK for Unity. It has a sample UI scene with gaze control and 2 scripts - OVRInputModule.cs and OVRGazePointer.cs. I want to convert that gaze based UI control to using the Oc...

Load video from oculus go file

HiI'm trying to dynamic load one 360 video from a specific folder by videoplayer component file, it works on android device but I couldn't make it work on oculus goThanks for your time and responsehere the code: VideoPlayer vp = gameObject.AddCompone...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Integration and NetworkManager

I'm trying to use the Oculus platform tools in my app but I can not access it. In fact 'Oculus Avatars" and 'Oculus Platform' are not in the menu. So I tried a little experiment. I made a blank project with just the Oculus Integration, and EasyInput;...

Any way to shift the desktop window center?

I finally measured the center offset from in VR compared to the desktop mirror and the desktop (which uses the left eye's POV) is down and to the left. I've found that this makes for a poor viewing experience for spectators and streaming/recording si...

oculus integration question

I am looking for help with the oculus intergration package, I can use the prefab to create a avatar that walking and use the prefab for telaport but I cant figure out how to combine the 2. Is there any documentation on what all the settings do in the...

mlewy1 by Level 2
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vr5kPlayer for Unity

HiI want to add vr5kPlayer to my GearVR game. I developed it with Unity. Is there any Unity example for reference?Currently I am using Unity to call vr5kPlayer in Android Studio, but the program will crash when the activity is switched.vr5kplayer 1.0...

Photon OnPremise Server

Hi all,I have a requirement to create a Unity app using the Oculus Rift and the Photon standalone server (meaning, not the Photon cloud). I am having multiple issues, some of which are coming from the OVR asset I imported into my Unity project. I won...

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Unity app "closed unexpectedly"

I'm developing a gearVR mobile game using Unity, building on Samsung Note 5. After the game run and shows the Unity splash screen, it will "close unexpected" 7 out of 10 times. Anyone knows what would be the cause of this problem? Thanks a lot!

Oculus Go Test Showing Black

Hello, I am trying to use an Oculus Go with Unity and I cannot seem to get the test files located in the core packages (I've not modified it). For reference, I followed this guide. When I load into the GearVRControllerTest apk in the Oculus Go's Libr...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Physics less object when holding in hands

Hello,I'm using Unity SDK and I want items to be physic less (to not interact with other rigid bodies, go through them...) because sometimes they cause some weird physics glitches. I tried disabling rigid body script while object is being held but th...

Slay291 by Level 2
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OVRInput.GetDown for Vive touchpad "touch"

Environment: Unity v2017.4.21f1, Oculus Utilities v1.35.0, OVRPlugin v1.35.0I am testing out the cross-platform functionality of OVRInput as explained here: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/latest/concepts/unity-cross-platform-dev/Is ...