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Transform Unity Inputs into Oculus Inputs

Hi, I am relatively new in this field hence asking for your kind advice.I have developed a game that uses a lot of mouse clicks and hovers. No raycast.So now I need to transform the game into a VR game using Oculus Quest. It was overwhelming for me t...

Muazaj by Honored Guest
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How to achieve movement like "flying" in VR

Hi everyone,I have a question about the "continuous move" from the latest XR Interaction toolkit. I would like to use it in zero gravity and it works fine, but i can only move on the horizontal axis. Is there a way to add vertical movement as well? I...

Resolved! Oculus VR Object with AR Headset

Hello , i am using the oculus VR object and i want to connect a AR hmd and stick the VR obj to it. the idea is that the person with the AR HMD can see some of the VR object of the person using the oculus so you can have better communication and inter...


Hand tracking with 'OVRGrabbable' items

Hello, Sorry if it's a dummy question, but I've been playing around with the new Hand tracking feature (which is amazing by the way). However I can't figure it out how to make the items grabbable to work together with the hand tracking. My guess the ...

Oculus Integration as custom package dependency

Hi, is there a way to declare Oculus Integration as a dependency or have it linked somehow to a custom UPM package? I am trying to build a custom core package with Quest hand-tracking setup and a couple of features to be able to reuse them in multipl...

barlogaa by Honored Guest
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Shaders missing in build

So I'm working on a VR game for the oculus quest using Unity 2020.3.6f1 and have gotten to a point where I am pretty happy with the look in unity. But when I exported it to standalone a lot of shaders were missing, the particle systems, the linerende...

OVRManager and XR Plugin Management

I want to clarify because it's not entirely clear from Oculus or Unity documentation. If we use the new XR Plugin Management, should we be using OVRManager/OVRCameraRig or are those supposed to be replaced by the plugin management?

dtsiknis by Explorer
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Resolved! How to detect when guardian changes from Unity?

Hi, I'm developing a roomscale game and I use OVRManager.boundary.GetGeometry(OVRBoundary.BoundaryType.OuterBoundary) to create a custom in-game visible boundary so that the player can align their playspace to the in-game playspace as they like. As p...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Can't find DLCs from application

Hi,I'm implementing DLCs on my project. I've uploaded a build with an extention file that I can see on the Oculus Dashboard and it's there on the Alpha channel. Everything went smooth.From the application though if I call "AssetFile.GetAssetDetailsLi...

Welby by Adventurer
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Unity Scripting Reference Link Broken

I'm not entirely sure this is the right place to post about this, but this link: https://developer.oculus.com/reference/unity/latest/, which is supposed to point to the Oculus Unity scripting reference, is broken. This page: https://developer.oculus....

Resolved! How do I enable high-frequency hand tracking?

According to the hand tracking documentation, there should be a dropdown under the Quest Features section of the OVRCameraRig but the only options I have are "Focus Aware", "Hand Tracking Support", and "Requires System Keyboard". I am using Unity 201...

Resolved! Grab something with Two Hands

I'm trying to develop a game for the oculus quest, in which you can play a guitar. The guitar takes two hands to operate, and after a while of searching I haven't found anything within the Oculus Integration Package that makes this possible, and the ...

Entitlement Check issues

How do I test entitlement? I have this script on my opening screen. When I build and run on the device all I get is 3 dots. Remove the script my game loads. In my oculus settings I am logged in with my facebook id same id as I used to create account ...


Oculus Rift controller triggering gamepad input

When I use the oculus controller certain inputs mapped to the gamepad also get triggered. For example if I press A on the right oculus controller the A button on my xbox controller gets triggered and when I press the grab trigger the RB on the xbox c...

tbkuno by Explorer
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How to get the data from the sensor?

What should I do if I want to connect wahoo cadence sensor (compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 or newer and ANT+ enabled devices) with Oculus Go? If I build an app using Unity on Oculus Go. How to get the data from the sensor?

Scaling OVRCameraRig

Hello All!I have been looking through the forum and I have found some of my answers, but no one has posted the actual solution.I would like to scale the OVRCameraRig. I have a full size room, like a living room, and everything looks fine. However, I ...