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Oculus 1.35 + LWRP + UsePerEyeCameras = Broken?

Is anyone able to get multiple eye cameras working in LWRP? Inside the editor positional tracking appears to work, but in the headset it hangs on a "Loading..." screen. Disabling the LWRP profile does not have this problem.Oculus 1.35, Unity 2018.3.9...

OVRGazePointer error

Hello, I have been using the OVRGazePointer.cs without having any error till I update Unity to 2017.0.0f3.Now I am getting this error:NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an objectOVRGazePointer.LateUpdate () (at Assets/...

OVRInput not working in 'Desktop Mode'

We are implementing desktop mode / vrmode=none in our Unity game (KIN, which is platformer, so no controller presence in scene.)The problem which I have never been able to solve is the user being able to use the OculusTouch or Gamepad input via the O...

Set debug.oculus.textureHeight in Unity

Hi,I can issue these commands, via adb, to increase texture resolution:adb shell setprop debug.oculus.textureHeight 1536adb shell setprop debug.oculus.textureWidth 1536However, these reset after reboot. Is there a way I can set these in Unity each ti...

Movie texture for GearVR

I'm creating a 'virtual' cinema in Unity 2018 and I have a plane with the Oculus MoviePlayer prefab attached and a simple script that set's the Gameobject (and therefore video sequence) active on click. Works fine in the Unity editor but not when dep...

CGEye by Level 2
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Oculus GO resolution aliasing

Hi I'm been doing some tests on the GO with Unity 2018 and I'm noticing that it's looking very jaggy even with MSAA set to maximum (with MSAA off its horrendous). To be fair its an tough case because they are cartoony buildings (vertical and horizont...

OVEGazePointer behind gameobjects

Hi all,I'm creating a Gear VR project (Unity 2018.3.6) and for some reason I can't stop the Gaze Icon from disappearing behind Gameobjects in the scene.Even if I put it in it's own canvas with Screen space overlay, change sorting order etc. it's the ...

CGEye by Level 2
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(Oculus Go) OVROverlay parallax problem

Hey,I placed OVROverlay in my scene, aligned exactly with some other, regular geometry worl-placed quad. I implemented switching between one and the other to see quality difference. I have noticed that the overlay quad is not positioned correctly in ...

maxest by Level 2
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Oculus sdk version is not 1.0 or newer ERROR

Hi, im trying to build an oculus go app, i had readed that if i want to load oculus personal avatar, i need to build the app and use it via oculus store, but when i try to upload the app, i'm having troubles with some errors.How the titile says i hav...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus go Android studio integration

Im trying to build to oculus go using gradle and android studio. I have build my gradle project, and imported it into android studio, connected occulus go, configure android studio to oculus go,and press play button/ It says to me it have build andro...