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unity 2020 The scene is not loaded ERROR

Hi , I use Unity 2020.3.48f1 with Oculus integration version 53.1 and it gives me this error in the console everytime over and over again"ArgumentException: The scene is not loaded.UnityEngine.SceneManagement.Scene.GetRootGameObjects (System.Collecti...

ofb92 by Honored Guest
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Platform Settings- bad credentials??

Hi,I'm trying to set up my Unity project to use avatars. Unfortunately, I am unable to set the "Oculus Platform Settings", "Unity Editor Settings" part. I can't set myself as a tester in "Unity Editor Settings". I am the only developer, admin. When I...

fuzzy3d by Explorer
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Create a link button

I am trying to create in game buttons that will open up a page to my other games in the oculus store. I am building in unity for the Quest 2. Does anyone know how to do this?

Integration SDK 54.1 not working in Unity

I can't get SDK 54.1 to work with Unity at all. Here are my steps:1) Create new core graphics project2) swap to Android3) Install XR integration, set to "Oculus"3) import Oculus Integration SDK 54.1After the lengthy install, Unity re-boots (as usual)...

JeffNik by Rising Star
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Custom gameobject controller

I would like to use a game object (ex. drumsticks) as the representation of Oculus controllers (instead of hands). So, I can control and move sticks using the controllers. The gameobject has a .obj file, but there is no animator or avatar file for th...

AWSi2022 by Honored Guest
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Guidance setting up new workstation

Hie everyone! I need help in setting up my new workstation for VR development and creation.I am considering following specs:Processor- Intel(R) Xeon(R) Silver 4210 CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.19 GHz (2 processors)RAM - 256 GBStorage - 7TBGraphic Card - Is what I...

How to pause game when taking off the Hmd?

Hi everyone,I'm a new french developer on quest 2, with unity and open xr, and I try to implemant the paused game when taking off the hmd.This is necessary to be compliant with app lab & meta store ...I succeed to pause game with a button but I'm not...

tieu51 by Explorer
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With Oculus Link, I can not see my hand

Hello, everyone! I am currently using unity for development,and want to debug my program in unity editor.But with oculus link , I can not see my hand. I just can see the Handle controller,I turned on gesture tracking in the Settings, and the program ...

qtj.2022 by Honored Guest
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Draw pixels directly to the Quest2 gpu?

Hello there, i was looking for the SDK manual or docs of internal render system of the quest, the fact is that i dont wanna draw triangles and mesh stuff, rather i wanna use a raycasting algorithm and draw each pixel manually, is there a way i can ac...

How to exit from Oculus Mirror mode?

I'm having difficulty linking my Windows pc to Quest 2 device. I can airlink them and get the code verified, but it goes into Ocuus Mirror mode immediately, and I cannot exit unless I turn it off. It simply says, "Your Library is empty, You have worl...

momorosa by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Unity crashes when running Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 connected to PC through link cable. Has been working for over a year. Now run Unity project. On Oculus Screen clears, a box appears. On the bottom it says Loading... Then screen goes jagged. In a second, link disconnects and Oculus goe...

OVRPlayerController Rotation around HMD

Hello,I'm having an problem with player rotation. I'm current using OVRPlayerController for player controller. The issue is that when a player turns the character, the charater rotates about the center of the character. When the player is standing on...

UV messed up

One of my UVs map is messed up when imported to Unity. Did anyone experienced the same issue?It is a 1 file OBJ export containing submeshes sharing the same texture map, all the submeshes are successfully using their own uv map except one where the u...

UnityUV.jpg XSIuv.jpg

Unity multiplayer

Hello, I'm Actively working on my university senior project. I planned to make a 3D online virtual classroom ising unity.I have sone questions regarding unity multiplayer.1- Do I have to use 2 or more headsets to test and run the game? ( I have only ...

Controllers not tracking in Quest build.

Hey,We have recently started a new Quest project using Unity 2022.3.1 and Oculus Integration 54.1, but the controllers aren't tracking in builds. They track perfectly fine in the OS menus and in other apps both previously made by us and not, but in a...

In game app review

Hello. I'm trying to make somekind of in app game review. In past, there was a package for Unity, from Google, that let you make a review from inside the game at runtime to post on Magazine Play. Is there a similar API that let you post a review from...

Unity Spacebar Input in Editor with OVR not working

Hey all,I've had an issue which now seems permanent where access to the Input.GetKeyDown("space") does not trigger when the headset is active. I notice it does respond when I first play the scene but as soon as I make the headset active it no longer ...

WEZ- by Honored Guest
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