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Multipayer Development

Hello everyone, I am working on developing a local multiplayer game on Quest 3, I decided to use Photon PUN because of its simplicity but I am having difficulties in joining photon components with Meta XR components: in the specific case Photon Trans...

How to learn MetaXR Spatial Anchors for Unity

Hello!I cannot seem to follow the documentation for MetaXR Spatial Anchors - they implemented 'Building Blocks' and I cannot find any documentation for it, I am working on a simple singleplayer local spatial anchor setup and I simply cannot make any ...

OVRBody performance issues in editor

I'm just using the OVRBody component and it's working well, but crippling the framerate when testing in the Unity Editor.Just toggling this component on halves the framerate from 72 -> 36fps.Is this a known issue or can anything be done about it?(I'm...

Jagged moving edges

Hi I'm currently developing my first VR game! I am having issues that only happen on the quest build (playing the APK from the headset).Up close the detail is pretty good. But anything more than 5 or 6 feet away looks very bad. It reminds me of looki...

RumbleKai by Honored Guest
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Posibility to stream MR app in custom page/server

Hi, I'm making mixed reality app with Unity and OVR Plugin (Meta All-In-One Plugin). The feature of the app should be a possibility to stream application on a custom web page (my server). I read tons of forums and didn't find how to do that. Does it ...

NooBiTTo by Honored Guest
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Get List of Spatial Anchors in Current Room?

The key outcome is that none of the returned anchors should be out of the player's view. I am wondering how you all have done, or would do this? I can think of several methods, but none seem particularly reliable. As far as I know you cannot query a ...

ap664 by Explorer
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Meta TTS speaker change with script

Using unity, I am trying to change the selected speaker. I have two speaker presets loaded. Charlie and Rebecca.I can manually change the speaker, but I need to do that in script since I have two speakers that I want to talk in their voices (one mail...

Unity URP Project Error

Hi, guys.First of all, I'm using Google Translate, as I'm still perfecting my English.I'm in a project that uses Meta Quest 3 and there has come a time when I will need to use URP in the project. It turns out that after installing and building the pr...


Resolved! Cannot pass Entitlement check in Unity Editor

Hello,I'm developing a small VR app with colocation features on Meta Quest 2. The app includes:Unity 2022.3.20f1Photon Unity Networking 2 2.4Meta XR Platform SDK 63.0.0 (I'm using Building Blocks)Currently I'm struggling on interfacing with any Oculu...

Entitlement Check for Rift Application

Hey everyone, does Anyone have any idea regarding the entitlement check for test user IDs for the Rift application? I have followed the documentation but failed on the standalone Windows build but passed with the same credentials while running in the...

TheDeadEnd_1007_0-1712746842709.png TheDeadEnd_1007_1-1712746994204.png

How to save and load room layouts with the quest3

How do you save multiple room layouts with name or storage location and load them in dynamically?I have been looking all through the OVRPlugin and found no direct way of loading and storing scene models by a name or storage location.I feels like such...

six.arne by Explorer
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