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How To Preview Play

I'm setup with the Quest 2 in Unity 2019.4.18f1. I can assemble and scene, go to build settings, build and run and it will build to my oculus and I can play what I made.However this is slow, can't I used the normal Play button to do a preview instead...

Forcing Orientation After Teleport

Hello,I'm building a Scene in Unity (2019.4), using Oculus Integration v23.1.0. I have a set of teleport destinations, and I'd like to customize the orientation of the user after teleporting to any of these points so they'll be facing a certain direc...

nathim by Honored Guest
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OpenXR errors

So today is the first day in trying to port the Traffic Cop game onto the Quest 2. I have grabbed the oculus integration assets and changed around a few settings. In order to get a successful build, I need to fix these errors. The errors are detailed...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Go file association

I want to open all files of my type (.xxx) with my application. It's a renamed zip file.For that I have tried a lot of thing in my AndroidManifest.xml file. For now, I have all these intent filters in the "com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayerActivity" acti...

Hand Tracking with Oculus Link

Soo, I know you're able to use hand-tracking in the Unity editor via Oculus Link, but how come you're not able to use hand tracking with a build targetted for windows? It's clearly possible considering you can have hand tracking in the editor, surely...

kav002 by Honored Guest
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Hand Tracking + Windows Build?

I was wondering if anyone has been successful in getting hand tracking to work with a unity build targetted for windows?Considering you can use hand tracking with the oculus link inside Unity editor, surely this can be done for a build too...?The app...

kav002 by Honored Guest
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New Quest2 not allowing Unknown Sources

I've been using my old Rift1 and Quest1 to develop a game (targeting both Quest and Rift) in Unity for a few months.Just got a Quest2, and it refuses to accept that I've got Unknown Sources enabled in my Settings>General, so it won't allow SteamVR --...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Video light emission

I'm trying to make a video material emit light into the room, according to the colors being shown in the video. I've tried using Video Player component and map the video output to the TV materials emission, and then updating realtime GI with the mate...

ajomajo by Honored Guest
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Error Ruined My Unity Project

I keep getting these two errors:1. Multiple plugins with the same name 'ovrplugin' (found at 'Assets/Oculus/VR/Plugins/1.38.0/Win/OVRPlugin.dll' and 'Assets/Oculus/VR/Plugins/1.38.0/Win64/OVRPlugin.dll'). That means one or more plugins are set to be ...

Where best to begin with Unity (Quest)?

Hello,I am an experienced coder in C#, a beginner-to-intermediate gamemaker with Unity, but I am totally new to XR. I really like the Oculus Integration package but implementing something as simple as movement is a challenge. The best asset to start ...

Unity Environment and Oculus Quest 2

Hi there, with V2, can I play my scene immediately to the headset without having to build-deploy each time to the headset? I see this is possible with the windows Rift version (V1?)....Shouldn't this be possible with V2 as well?

Quest 2 App Not Loading Obb from Path

I'm porting an app from Go to the Quest 2, it uses an .obb file and a script that loads it, like so:AssetBundle.LoadFromFile("sdcard/Android/obb/main.15.com.BDHi.App.obb");However, when I put the obb file in that location and try to run the app, it c...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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initialising teleport on collision

Non-coder alert!Ive been bashin my head all day trying to do a simple thing. I made my own very simple script to teleport a player to a new place when the hit a collidor... works great, but its very simple. Cant rotate the player on arrival, cant do ...