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shadow is not visible in oculus quest.

Hi , i'm trying to build from unity to oculus quest. I have couple of problems :1. when build and run on oculus , there's no shadow . It's just simple scene with couple of objects. I can see the shadow in unity, but when run inside oculus , the shado...

metaclay by Honored Guest
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Sample OVR skeleton: FixedUpdate() calling update()

Soooo. Am i missing something or is this not illegal?I noticed the issue cause my collider capsules attached to hand tracked bones weren't updating position/rotation with rigidbody.MovePosition/rigidbody.MoveRotation. Removing it fixed my issue, alth...

virsabi by Honored Guest
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How to GetComponent<OvrAvatar>()

I'm trying to hide the controller when I grab an object, and show it when I release the object using OVRGrabber, ive edited the OVRGrabber script with the following:if (m_grabbedObj){ if (m_controller == OVRInput.Controller.LTouch) transform.parent.G...

Hands with outlines (reposted in quest dev)

EDIT: Realised this is in the general unity dev forum, reposting it in quest dev)Hi,I really like the white outline dark hands in the quest system UI. (shown at bottom of this page: developer.oculus.com/design/hands-design-ui/)I guess it's a shader t...

stillwind by Honored Guest
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How to rig custom hand model for hand tracking

Hi there guys,I have been looking into the documentation on how to track hands, but it's all listed from a code perspective whilst I was trying to do it from art asset/3d modelling perspective.I was taken to this page: developer-oculus-com/downloads/...

akaravias by Honored Guest
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OVR or XR Interaction???

So I am 3 weeks into my Unity journey and I feel like I am learning 2 systems at the same and pretty much everything I want to achieve is back and forth between those two systems and I have been left completely confused. So those two systems/options ...

Umbrinox by Explorer
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Head tracking movements Oculus Quest

Hello,I use Unity 2019.2.0f1 and Oculus Integration V 17.0 for Oculus Quest.I wanted to know if it is possible to detect the movement of the helmet in play?I created a game and when the player makes a head movement, I would like to receive if he made...

OVRManager.boundary returns Null

Hi! I'm using Unity 2018.4.19f1 and the latest available Oculus integration package v17.0 and Oculus Android SDK v1.38.6.I've been trying to access the guardian boundary on my Oculus Quest in order to mark the outline, but haven't gotten it to work s...

How to set height of the OVRCameraRig?

Do you know if it's possible to to assign the OVRPlayerController to Floor level, but override that and set a height for the OVRCameraRig? Using the XR Rig makes it easy since they include a Camera Y Offset. I'm trying to create a seated game in whic...

VRTK vs Unity XR Interaction Toolkit?

I've been hearing a lot lately about VRTK 4 being convoluted and difficult to use. Yet VRTK 3.3 seems to still get praise. Unity XR seems to be popular as well, but potentially without a lot of features VRTK provides. Should I go with some version of...

Sploosh by Explorer
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Oculus Home object interaction?

Hi all,I really like the grabbing/object interaction in the Oculus home. I know both oculus and XR integrations make the distance grab feature essentially a prefab, but the other features, like adjusting distance, rotation and scale during distancegr...

Emtechlab by Honored Guest
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Need to be able to grab with Oculus Go Unity

Hey! I'm very new to VR dev and am working on creating a game for my Oculus Go using Unity. I have one problem, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to grab an object. I've managed to create a pointer (laser) from my control which works just fi...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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