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How to build an Asymmetrical VR game?

Hi AllI am making Recovery treatments for Human health problems by VR games and I am interested in adding Asymmetrical VR features. It lets us to play 'crossplay' between VR and non-VR users by Asymmetric local co-op mode feature( for example in the ...

How to grab game objects using laser pointer ?

I used the method introduced in this blog "Easy Controller Selection" (https://developer.oculus.com/blog/easy-controller-selection/).Basically I attached a line render to the controller model, and I am able to use it to select objects by pressing but...


How can I interact with UI using hand-free feature

Oculus SDK 15Unity 2018.4.21fI checked sample scenes from Oculus Intergration, seems like none of them have demonstrations on UI interaction with hand-free feature. I know it is still an experimental feature, but is there a way to interact with UI ye...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Missing Asset Folder

Hello, I'm following along in the Unity and Oculus VR development series. I got to Chapter 3 step 4 and noticed I'm missing the VRTK folder in my assets folder. I went back and rewatched all of the prior steps and don't see any instructions on how to...

mmgaw13 by Honored Guest
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Object grabbed event

Hello everyone,I'm making my first experiences with the Oculus Rift S and Unity. At the moment I'm working on a little sandbox for myself to get familiar how everything works. I'm using the Unity XR Managment und XR Interaction Toolkit.I would like t...

verdemis by Honored Guest
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Hand Tracking Gone in Oculus Integration v15.0?

Hello everyone,I just imported the new Oculus Integration (v15.0), which was released on April 6th. But in the new integration, I'm not seeing any of the prefabs related to Hand Tracking - OVRHandPrefab doesn't seem to exist, and OVRCameraRig doesn't...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Age Old Question - How To Jump

OK, can't believe i can't find this online - i'm using 2018.3. What script to i have to add to OVRPlayerController.cs to enable jumping with the A button, which i think has the ID 0? Unfortunately i just don't know how to program/script./// /// Jump...

Oculus XR Plugin for Unity 2019.3

I've started reworking my VR interaction system to use Unity's new XR plugins and I'm having some issues with the Oculus one. I'm trying to poll Unity.XR.Oculus.OculusUsages.IndexTouch via Input Device.TryGetFeatureValue() to no avail. I'm able to su...

gsurla1 by Honored Guest
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Quest vs Rift: OVR Player Controller Misaligned

Hi Everyone,I posted this to the Unity Forums but didn't get any advice.I've been doing Unity development with my Rift. One day, I had the idea of seeing what would happen if I ran a Unity scene using my Quest via Link. After doing so, my player cont...

Unity - Oculus Quest - Hand Texture

HiHow do i change the hand textures. At the moment they are bright white. This is blinding in a dark scene.I have attached an image of my ovrPlayerController object hierarchy Can someone point me in the right direction to do this. Thanks

davequest by Honored Guest
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how to track headset rotation/tilt?

i am trying to track the rotation/tilt of the vr headset, and preform an action depending on the distance of the tilt after pushing in a button on the controller.lets say you press in a button on the controller and then tilt your head forward. i need...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Avatar Sdk for Unity

Hi. Im trying to figure out how Oculus Avatar SDK works. For testing im using Oculus Quest.The problem is - I cant get user ID, which i need to load his/her own avatar of Oculus account.Here is part of code:Oculus.Platform.Users.GetLoggedInUser().OnC...

Archi16 by Explorer
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