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Resolved! Seeking Quality Samples for Meta XR SDK

HelloI'm writing here to get info about the availability of high-quality samples for the new Meta XR SDK.While the Oculus Integration SDK provided excellent examples, particularly in areas like gesture recognition and object grabbing, I've encountere...

grab.png hands_2.png

Application Space Warp for Unity OpenXR

We as developers absolutely need the Application Space Warp feature for Unity's Open XR Provider.Currently the only way to activate ASW after all prerequisites are installed is by using Unity's Oculus Plugin and enabling it under in the config.But we...

Fuatyy by Honored Guest
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Change AndroidManifest.xml for AppLab submission.

I'm trying to get my app to be submitted into the AppLab, but I'm running into issues where no matter what I try, I always get those permissions active in my build:android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGEandroid.permission.READ_MEDIA_AUDIOandroid.per...

AISDev by Honored Guest
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Building Blocks Scripts License Question

Hi, I have a question about Building Blocks in Unity. Is it possible to modify them (e.g. change the defaul mesh to my own) in order to create a project for Meta Quest 3. I'm mainly asking if the scripts of these Building Blocks can be modified. It's...

KajoKEMan by Honored Guest
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Unity Netcode multiplayer in VR

I used Unity Netcode to build my multiplayer for my game in Meta quest 3 but when I select host, another player comes on top of it even when another player has not used the room code to join. how do I fix this??

Passthrough Over/Undlay switch at runtime bug

I try to use passthrough to fade between vortual and real space. Works theoretically, by dynmically adjusting passthrough opacity and switching from overlay to underlay passthrough.However, if I switch passthrough to overlay and back to undelay, it s...

offcenter cubemap overlay not supported?

I'm trying to create a compositor overlay of shape offcenter cubemap for Quest3 using the OVROverlay script and I only get the following errors:OPENGL NATIVE PLUG-IN ERROR: GL_INVALID_ENUM: enum argument out of rangeUnrecognized overlay.m_desc.Shape ...

Share Spatial Anchor on custom app

I'm working on a VR experience that requires all the users be on the same physical room. I've managed to get working an OVRSpatialAnchor and save it locally for later sessions. I can calibrate the VR room to match the real life room using that anchor...

Resolved! Check if an object is grabbed

Hello guys. I can't find a way to check if an object is grabbed or not, a boolean that is true if it is grabbed and false if it is not. The attached image is the components that the object that I want that variable to have. I'm using Oculus sdk Integ...


how to retargeting avatar with iobt

I want to do full body tracking using iobt. If you install the meta movement SDK and view the sample scene, the avatar will appear properly. However, if I take the avatar fbx file I use and use it, the avatar comes out distorted like that. Is there a...