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Hello guys, I was publishing my Unity XR apk on Oculus Developer Hub, but white uploading an error pops out. It says -The focus aware manifest meta-data tag must be set with required="true". More information can be found here: https://developer.oculu...

shehran by Level 2
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Ultimate Glove Ball Unity Sample

Meta's DevTech Showcase Team created a multiplayer project to demonstrate how to build an ESport game using key features of the Social API.The project highlights how to use Group Presence, Destinations, Invites, Join, Roster and Blocking. It uses Net...

pro_zac by Level 7
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How To Use OVRHeadSetEmulator?

I added the OVRHeadSetEmulator component to an OVRCameraRig, but when I press play, nothing happens, things just work as normal like I never added the component. Has anyone gotten it to work? I'm on Unity V2022.2.0f1.

Oculus Account linking

Hi I'm trying to link the account from my game to the Oculus account. I'm reading the documentation fromhttps://developer.oculus.com/documentation/native/ps-account-linking/The problem is that i could not get email id of the signed oculus user, only ...

[Hand Tracking] New Oculus Start Button

Hello,With the last update 17, i've noticed that there's now the start button showing within the left hand, like the right hand do with the oculus button.I've also noticed that Waltz of The Wizards use this button to trigger a Menu Settings.My questi...

Resolved! No Controllers But Do Have Shadows

Hi, just started very basic scene (URP) - Oculus Integration - (v47?).Created the ground, directional light with shadows then OVRPlayerController/OVRCameraRig with OVRControllerPrefabs - left and right.I see the shadows of the controllers on the grou...

Resolved! Quest Link Automation

Hi! I have a Unity VR application added to a Windows PC's Oculus application displaying on a Meta Quest 2 headset via Quest Link cable. The Unity application runs all day in a Museum exhibition environment and shuts down overnight.To enable Quest Li...

Upgrade my game from Rift to Quest 2, upload process

Hello ! I have a game aproved for Rift, now I developed a Quest version,I want to upload this apk but I don't find the option for apk's combined with windows versionMy questions...Do I need to create a new app?Can I use the same app & metadata? Thank...

acb3d by Level 3
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How to get rid of "requires internet"

My app does not start without being connected to the internet. It forces the user to connect to a WLAN and in the "App library" it says "requires internet".In Unity I have configured the internet access "Auto" under Player > Android settings > Other ...

josros by Level 2
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Design Documenting for VR Apps (like a GDD)

Hi everyone, I've been searching around on how to make a design document for VR apps and can't seem to find much resources on how to approach it. Can anyone point me to a template or some personal design documenting so I can get a reference point on ...

Users.GetLoggedInUser() always return zero

Please help, I integrated oculus account login in my game used Unity.If the oculus app was created by me, I can login with no problem. But the 'developer' members of my organization can't login using their oculus accouts.When I call method 'Users.Get...


Full body tracking Oculus without link?

Hi, I'm developing an app for Oculus and I need to use full body tracking. I've tested it with the link and it works, but when I build the app and transfer it to the glasses it stops working. Can it only be used with the link? Thank you.

hasenav by Level 2
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screen flicker

I connect oculus quest 2 device with unity with cable. Objects are constantly flickering after running the scene. On stage, it also strains the eyes. Can't find the reason, can you help? we are connecting oculus quest 2 device with cable. In Unity, w...

Meta Avatars SDK mostly broken?

Has anybody gotten Meta Avatars working in Unity? For me it seems to be largely not working. The SDK documentation mentions creating an app ID but doesn't say anything about what to do with it; once I figured out where to enter it, and created a new ...

Kendel8 by Level 3
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Share Spatial Anchor between devices

Hello everyone,I'm building an app that 2 person with 2 headset could manage the same virtual object in mixed reality with passthrough and the 2 person are local so the object have to be align and in the right place in real world.The main issue I hav...