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Oculus Controllers not working [Solved]

I'm currently making a project using Unity on a Oculus Quest and I seem to be having problems with the controller inputs. I tried using the OVRInput.GetDown(OVRInput.Button.Three) as per Unity documentation and there seems to be a bug when I use the ...

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Debugging with Unity and the Quest

Does the Quest connect to Unity for debugging via the USB cable? Or do you have to create the build and load it onto the Quest for testing. I found how to connect Unity with the Rift, but have not seen any info on doing this with the Quest.

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Url path to Oculus GO

Building an VR/360 player app where I want the videos to be played from a local map on Oculus Go, having an hard time trying to find the right path. Let¨s say I drop the videos on Oculus Go video map. What would the url for unity video player be?Than...

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OVR Overlay Via Render Texture Placement Issues

Unity Version 2019.1.7f1Hello,I've been looking into getting a better looking UI as an interface, currently using a World space canvas and UGUI Images, but it appears to have a decent amount of aliasing and text on panels is blurry.Recently I've disc...

nn_dev by Honored Guest
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How to launch Unity app in windowed mode?

I am currently developing a game for the Oculus Go. It is a simple 2D game that only uses the mouse as input. I'm currently developing with Unity 2019.1.4f1.When I pushed one of my test builds to my Go, it opened in a Windowed mode, allowing the OS t...

Simple Unity Oculus Integration fail (for Go)

Hi,Trying to really quickly implement basic VR and movement around a scene in Oculus Go (purely for demoing a model)In the docs for the Oculus Integration package, it describes the OVRPlayerController thus:The OVRPlayerController is the easiest way t...

Unity apps have black edges?

Hello,I am working on oculus quest development using Unity. No matter what settings I change or which project I'm in, my app always has black edges before the eye cups end on the quest. In other words, before the screen ends on the left, right, and b...

Unity: Floating gameobjects while walking

Recently I have been able to make a vr game using unity, however when I grab a gameobject and then walk around the gameobject tends to float around. How do I fix that?I have tried parenting to the OVRrig and the Trackingspace, but gameobjects snap to...

Unity Hand Tracking Parenting to hands

I have a toolbox that is currently parented to the controllers via VRTK controller script alias. When I setup hand tracking the the object correctly parents to the controller anchor but its upside-down and (left hand) and backwards.Also of note is bo...

Confused about the Avatar SDK

What I meant to achieve: I want to add ingame controllers with hand animation (not handtracking, the "traditional" hand). Example:I found this guide / link: https://developer.oculus.com/blog/implementing-quality-hands-with-oculus-touch/ But this guid...

R1PFake by Protege
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