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Unity Android Manifest Problem

HelloWhen i build my app in Unity for Oculus Go i get the following message:No activity found in the manifest with action MAIN and category LAUNCHER.Your application may not start correctly.UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr)and when i...

ChrisEL by Explorer
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Unity Button ID

HelloI try to use now the new integrated unity input mapping for the oculus touch controllers https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/OculusControllers.htmlbut some of the VR-inputs need the unity button ID and i have no idea how to use them. I test it in th...

ChrisEL by Explorer
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How to upload Asset Bundle to my Oculus GO?

This is where I faced the problem. First, what the absolute path even looks like on Android?Second - how to upload files files on my Oculus GO? Simply copying my asset bundle through file explorer does not work apparently (the progress bar never move...

Teleport Scripts for Oculus Quest.

Hello Oculus Community, First time posting here and learning to develop on Oculus quest. However I haven't been able to find good resources like the steamVR Plugin for HTC Vive. I have downloaded the Oculus Integration package, but the teleport scrip...

upgrading project for quest

I am trying to upgrade a project that was made for the samsung gear ages ago for the quest using unity, just transferring the pre-built APK worked fine (just running it obviously the controls didn't work). however when I am trying to re-build from un...

Issues with accepting room invites

I'm working on implementing rooms for a multiplayer experience following the Oculus documentation: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/platform/latest/concepts/dg-rooms/I'm able to send invites using Rooms.LaunchInvitableUserFlow. The invited ...

Oculus Input in network issue

I have created an application on unity, the users use oculus headsets and they can connect to a host which use it too. The host can move using the input of the oculus but the other client cant because the input are disabled as soon as they connect to...

alex89230 by Honored Guest
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About HMD motion emulation.

https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/latest/concepts/unity-hmd-emulation/I must develop application without OuclusRift, RiftS.I use OVRCameraRig with OVR Headset Emulator(default)So, I want to use this feature, but, it doesn't work.Anyone...

yuma1217 by Honored Guest
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Position and direction of Ray from hand offset?

I’m trying to have a gun type of thing attached to the players hand, and I have it somewhat working, but the origin of the ray and it’s direction seem to change based on the position and rotation of the hand. Sometimes it’s perfect, and sometimes it’...

Macvuz by Honored Guest
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How do I rotate one eye a few degrees?

HiI'm having trouble trying to figure how to rotate just or the left or right eye camera in Unity. I need to do this for people who have misaligned eyes. It would mimic the effect of placing a prism in front of one eye which is what is done for peopl...

bugrock by Honored Guest
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Make camera stick to one position

I'm making a game where the player is stationary. I want the player to be able to look around, but not move their head in the game. So if they're sitting down looking at the center of a dart board, and then stand up, they should still be looking at t...

jurip by Honored Guest
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Oculus Go unity networkDiscovery connection

Hi. I'm trying to auto connect oculus go to pc with Unet. It works fine but when head set goes to sleep and then wake up it wont connect to pc anymore and I havo to reset headset to make it work again. Any Idea how I could fix this problem?my code wo...

Debugging Quest application on Rift

Hi There,I have setup my Unity project so that it builds and runs on the Quest. Building to the quest however, can take several minutes each time - and for incremental changes and debugging this is not feasible. So I would like to run the application...

Oculus GO | build & run, black screen

Not sure what to do - I've been trying to build and run some basic scenes that come with the Oculus Integration package and every time I get a black screen. Several home button presses will pull me out of the demo and then I can proceed back into the...

bcoyle by Adventurer
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