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Looking for any advise or insight! thank you

Hello,I am a masters student and for my thesis we are studying the impacts of fire on individuals. We were hoping to be able to design a VR game to simulate an in fire experience so including increasing smoke, difficulty seeing ect. We have 3D footag...

Quest 2 frame stutter when woke from sleep-mode

This bug (apparent frame loss or stale frames) is peculiar as it appears randomly when a game is first loaded, or on the condition when the Quest two is woken from standby/sleep mode and loads back into a game. Even more strangely, opening and closin...

Roofeoh by Level 2
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Unity Oculus Login Implement DUC Error

Hi all,We are trying to get users to use their oculus account to sign in to the app for Facebook, Instagram, etc.We have been approved for DUC (Data Usage Checkup) for User ID, User Profile, and Deeplink. We are trying to login with oculus account bu...


Maximum 360 videos size in Unity

I'm finding it difficult to find out the maximum package size for an app published to Oculus Go. I have seen discussion of 4GB and increases possible through downloadable content.The reason I ask is we are creating an app with quite a lot of stereo 3...

Resolved! Developing for the oculus go with unity in 2022?

Hello there,I need to develop an app for the oculus go with unity and its been going pretty badly so far.All the guides I've been through have been using the older versions of the oculus integration package from the unity store or the XR plugin.the p...

Connecting Bluetooth device to Quest 2

Hi Dev community.I would like to connect a Bluetooth device (not headphone or keyboard ) to my quest 2. Currently my app running on Unity engine.Does Quest 2 support this kind of scenario?Is there any documentation available how can I do that as a de...

Build Your First Vr App

Hey everyone! I started the build your first VR app tutorial here from oculus, but I keep getting NullReferenceException errors from the ColorController.cs file. Here is where I get the errors:// Assigns the component's renderer instancerend = GetCom...

Avatars2 SDK body tracking is not working.

The problem is similar to this:https://forums.oculusvr.com/t5/Unity-VR-Development/Quests-hands-tracking-is-not-working-in-Unity-editor/td-p/997176except now I have it with Avatars SDK 18.0 - body and hands tracking is not working in clean project wi...

DanceM_0-1669262865057.png DanceM_1-1669263133173.png
DanceM by Level 4
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Interaction SDK - ColliderSurface

I am trying to expand the poke interactions sample to include an example using the ColliderSurface class, which is included in the SDK. However, it is failing constantly, as the direction of the generated Ray is always 0, which means that the closest...

Can only run one Unity Project on my Oculus?

Hi everyone!This is a simple problem however I cannot seem to find a fix.I am testing 2 separate Unity projects on my Oculus 2. However, I can only view the first project I build and ran on my Oculus. When I try and run the second one, everything sho...

Typo in AvatarCommonLighting.cginc

Hello,We've working at Telefónica with Meta avatars for some months now and everything was going ok. Then we've decided to update our Unity version to the 2021.1.11f (LTS). Suddenly our avatar stopped showing in the application builds. The thing is w...

controllers not moving

Hello, My controllers stopped working when entering game mode. They work fine on the hub and the device is connected properly to my PC with the link cable. I'm working on Unity and can edit without issues, when I enter game mode, I can see and move m...

Entitlement Check Failing

I have to headsets, each one with it own user  I build and run the same apk into both devices. In one, the meta avatar loads perfectly, on the other device (with other user) I get an error: { Core.AsyncInitialize(); Entitlements.IsUserEntitledToAppli...

Screen Shot 2022-07-04 at 9.49.30 AM.png

Unity JsonUtility can't find constructor on build

Hi all, I'm trying to manage a bunch of simple API calls via Json and the system works fine on Editor but when I build and play on the Oculus any time it should serialize or deserealize a Json it returns this error :Saying it could not find the const...

AN0NlM0 by Level 2
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OVROVERLAY Underlay SDK Bug with openXr

am not sure where to report a bug !This is the bug anyway :When i use OVROVERLAY with type Underlay along with OpenXR i got only black quad Note : overlay type work fine also underlay without openxr work fine too

RoxGame by Level 3
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OVROverlay hides controller models

HI all, I am attempting to build a UI using OVROverlay in Unity. It looks great BUT on mobile the overlay renders in front of any scene geometry, thus occluding the controller models and pointer rays. The same behavior can be observed in the OVROverl...


am trying to implement ovroverlay underlay but nothing work for me what i did is the following1- add quad with ovroverlay and set type to underlay2 - add quad with same size and same position with shader oculus/underlay imposterwhen i build i get onl...

RoxGame by Level 3
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