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Gear VR controler

Hello, im new on unity and i want know how i can move my camera (the character walk) with the new gear controlerI read the documentation but i didn't understand ... If you have an exemple, that can be fine :smile:


I am trying to work with a fairly basic Unity 5.6.1f1 project where I have imported the Oculus Utilities package and minimal other assets. I am running into an issue that I can't seem to find a fix for.Assets/OVR/Scripts/OVRTouchpad.cs(53,35): error ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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GearVR In-App purchase error

We caught an issue in our game “Sammy in VR” for GearVR. After release our IAP has been stopped working. This IAP has very simple architecture: it just remove all ads forever after purchasing. The game developed on Unity 5.5.1p3, so we use oculus sdk...

Text Shimmering Problem

Hello,I'm having an issue using low resolution pixel style fonts. When the fonts are viewed in the Gear VR there is a very strong shimmering effect. I can't change change the filter mode from point because of how low resolution the fonts are. The fon...

Clamp Object Transform with OVRGrabber

Hi,I am trying to use the OVRGrabber script with the Touch controllers and have objects transform values be restricted to certain parameters. As of right now when i try to freeze a gameobjects rigidbody or clamp its vector3 the OVRGrabber ignores the...

Upgrading to Unity 5.6 f3 causes crash on Play

Just upgraded a project from Unity 5.3.5f1 to 5.6.0f3 and now Unity crashes on Play whenever the Oculus SDK is first in the SDK list.It crashes in an empty scene too. I've confirmed that Unity 5.6 is working by creating a new, clean project and selec...

Stereo Camera plot

Hi folks,I have stereo images coming from a robot simulator (which I can convert to jpg). I am alreay tracking the head and rendering the scene according to the eye position. Now I need to show these stereo images on the respective eyes. Following th...

Determine camera view direction

Hi allI created a default Unity project (version 5.6.1f1) and added VR support by enabling it from the project settings.Then I added the floor and an OVRPlayerController object to navigate the scene.How do I get the user's/camera's viewing vector? (i...

kkape by Level 2
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Unity 5.6.0p2 UI input not work

Hello!In unity 5.5.1p3 i created ui elements (buttons, sliders,toggles) end controll them to Samsung Gear VR. I was update unity to 5.6.0p2, and elements in ui not works. I cant select (highlighted) and press in UI in Gear VR.

Resolved! How to make an Oculus Touch button flash

I'm using OVRAvatar to generate my hands/controllers. Since these are dynamically generated, I'm having trouble finding the references to the specific sub-component meshes (e.g., the A button, the left stick, the right trigger, etc) so I can light th...

Missing Gaze

On Gear VR, when starting the app, the gaze is missing until I tap on the touchpad for the first time. Happens every single time. Anyone have any ideas on what's going on?

Android Manifest set activity

I am trying to get my Gear VR app ready for the Ocuus store by updating the AndroidManifest file according to the documentation here https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/publish/latest/concepts/publish-mobile-manifest/ but I can't get it to wor...

jboss by Level 3
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Oculus Touch + Unity UI samples?

Are there any samples somewhere around / or tutorial like information about using the Touch controller with Worldspace UI's in Unity?So not the 'gaze' based UI but using the Touch controllers to navigate the UI.Thanks in advance for helping me out.