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How to set the audio on unity

Hi everyone! I'm currently working on an art project that involves a one scene VR game built on untity and I'm kind of stuck on something! here is my set : I have the oculus headset plugged to my laptop, with sensors and all (pretty usual), but I als...

sim_roll by Honored Guest
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[UNITY 3D] OVR Camera Rig stucks in Animation

Hi,i made a small Scene with a Landscape , my OVR Camera Rig and a small "fly Animation" (position change) with that rig. I unchecked the "loop" Option of the Animation, because i want the user to take Control of the camera after the Animation Ends. ...

pi_e_kej by Honored Guest
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Tiled Mutlires Level don't work on Quest build

Hey we have a problem with our current Oculus Quest game. Everything runs well except the Tiled Multires Level doesn't.I set it in the Awake of my VRManager. Also tried the Start function. OVRManager.tiledMultiResLevel = this.tiledMultiresLevel;In th...

ChrisEL by Explorer
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Oculus SDK didn't callback for standalone

Hi,I am following the oculus unity standalone example code for entitlement check but it didn't callback. (Update: it works with a build but not in UnityEditor. The following issue only exists with UnityEditor)try{ Core.Initialize(); Debug.Log($"Oculu...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Screenshots don't work for my app

I'm trying to take screenshots for my submission to the store but the screenshot functionality doesn't work for my app. My app is currently in the system as a beta so I can open and play it on the Oculus go but when I try to take a screenshot it swit...

falldeaf by Honored Guest
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Quest project won't run after upgrading to LWRP

I am using Unity 2019.1.3f1 and Oculus Integration 1.37. I just tried converting my project over to using the LWRP and now it won't run on my Quest. Is there something I might be missing? If there is a texture that didn't upgrade correctly, could tha...

Starting an OVRGrabbable Object as Kinematic

Is it possible to instantiate a gameObject as kinematic, but then after being grabbed have it not be kinematic? The desired effect being the object is frozen in the air to start, can be grabbed, but after release drops to ground. So before being grab...

(Unity) Where to find default hand materials?

I'm on the most recent Oculus integration version using Unity 2018.3.6f1Is there a place where you can find the default hand materials? I wrote a little script that prints the asset path for the material, but the path was coming out empty.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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OVRInput not working correctly

Using:Unity 2017.2 OVRPlugin 1.18.1GearVR controllerSteps to duplicate:Taking input from "GetActiveController"Press one or more buttons on the controllerRelease all buttonsActive controller becomes Controller.Gamepad Effect/Issue: "GetActiveControlle...

MSickTAG by Honored Guest
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Oculus Rift - Relative Viewer Positioning

So, I have some software that currently uses the Oculus Rift.Instead of having an arbitrary coordinate system/origin in Unity like many of the first person games, I need to place the user in a very specific position. This is required because the user...

rlogan by Explorer
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Oculus Unity Integration - v1.36 (04/23/19)

Version 1.36 of our integration for Unity has been released!The Oculus Integration for Unity package adds scripts, prefabs, samples, and other resources to supplement Unity’s built-in support. The package includes an interface for controlling VR came...

mouse_bear by Retired Support
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GearVR gaze pointer not shown

Hello,I have import oculus integration plugin and create new object with 'OVRGazePointer' script.The gaze pointer is not shown. Any tutorial do not solve my issue. Someone can explain me how to do that?Also, I have tried to run sample scenes from thi...

Controller vibration

I'm trying to get my touch controllers to vibrate. I've tried with OVRPlugin.setcontrollervibration but have had no luck. Has anyone succeeded in getting their controllers to vibrate?

alejonce8 by Honored Guest
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Changing Oculus Clear Color

Hi all,During our development we have an issue where when transition between scenes and loading them we fade to white and then load the scene, and finally we fade back out. However as a result of the load this causes freezes and obviously it doesn't ...

OVRPlayerController - disable Running?

Hi,I'm looking through the OVRPlayerController script to disable running with left Touch trigger.I managed to do it easily for Shift keys here, by changing moveInfluence from 2.0f to 1.0f:// Run!if (dpad_move || Input.GetKey(KeyCode.LeftShift) || Inp...

Kubold by Explorer
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How can I see multi videos simultaneously?

Hi, there.How are you?I have tried to see multi videos at a same time.My purpose is to see 8 videos in 3D. They should be played simultaneously.I use Video Player component in Unity3D.The device is Oculus Go. Not Standalone.Of course, on standalone, ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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