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buttons not working with old input system after upgrading oculus integration


I've had a project working fine for ages using unity 2021.3.9, OpenXR for input (through the old input system, only positions and buttons), and the oculus integration for oculus features.

I've just updated to the latest oculus integration package (nothing else has changed).

After doing this everything is tracking fine, I even see the movement of buttons as I press them on the models, but none of the buttons are registering with the old input system anymore. (I've not tested the new one)

I've checked everything against my backup and I'm pretty sure it all has the same settings as before.

I've tried updating to 2021.3.23 and all other components. I can replace the Oculus folder with the backup and it works, update it again and it doesn't work.

I've ended up having to use OVRInput instead for now. Any ideas?