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how to retargeting avatar with iobt



I want to do full body tracking using iobt. If you install the meta movement SDK and view the sample scene, the avatar will appear properly. However, if I take the avatar fbx file I use and use it, the avatar comes out distorted like that. Is there a way to automatically and accurately perform avatar retargeting?

i use Meta Quest Pro

unity 2023.3.17f1

please help me!!!!


I'm having the exact same problem and are looking for answers - if I find anything I will let you know 🙂

Ok So I figured it out. If you followed the tutorial its seems the default config on the scripts doesn't quite seem to be correct and caused some issues with retargeting. 

If you look in the packages folder. For me it was : Packages/com.meta.movement/Samples/Prefabs/Retargeting/
then use the prefab ArmatureSkinningUpdateRetarget.prefab

This is an example using the prefab from the package :
I then imported my own model and like for like copied all of the settings from the original prefab. I didnt really spend much time tweaking this and also messed with some of the settings but seems to be working fine :

Hope this helps you out 🙂

omg! Looking at the video, it looks like it works really well! I'm sorry, but could you share the Unity file for that project? thank you !!


keyone957_0-1707804128907.pngAs shown in the picture, the size of the avatar I will use and the prefab shown in the example are very different. Is this okay?

Yeah I believe the models should scale accordingly based on your head height when its running on your headset.
I'm pretty new to VR myself so don't quote me on that. The best thing to do is test with the avatar provided and then replicate it with your new model using the prefab.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful response!

I'll give it a try!