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input Field and Virtual Keyboard unity

Honored Guest

I'm fairly new to developing with the Meta Sdk so maybe it's an easy fix.
Using The latest sdk 60.0.0 in Unity 2022.3.11f1 and Virtual Keyboard to type an Ip address into a input field.
Adopted the "Virtual Keyboard" Sample Scene  to my needs but  it's not working properly.

The Virtual Keyboard doesn't show up most of the time (only after time for whatever reason) and the input field takes a hover, but it's impossible to make it selected with a click. this should make the Virtual keyboard appear. 
Its not that it doesn't work at all, but somehow weird

Some ideas would be appreciated.

Best Chrsitian


Honored Guest

Did you find a solution to this?

Honored Guest

no, seems to be a bug in the sdk. Went with the native android Keyboard since I will only be on Quest2.
Good luck

Honored Guest

I found a solution -
1. Create an empty object - Add component "Pointable Canvas Module"
2. Add Ray Interactor prefabs to Hands/Controllers
3. To your canvas Add - "Ray Interactable" & "Pointable Canvas"
4. Drag and Drop your Canvas gameobject into Pointable Canvas
5. Create an Empty child to your canvas - Add Box Collider and Collider Surface to it.
6. Create another empty child and add Plane Surface to it.
7. Drag and Drop the Collider Surface to the Ray Interactable Script

You'll then be able to interact with the canvas.