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oculus 2/3 unity app fail to sending email or upload ftp File

Honored Guest

I don't know if this is the right place but I need help, I am making an application in unity with quest 2 and 3, the application has several scenes with different tests and accumulates results and saves them in a jpg/png image file and in a PDF.

This file must then be sent by email or uploaded to an FTP, or in some cases both.

When testing the application at run time from the PC through Airlink or cable the scripts and configurations work perfect, it sends the emails through a gmail service and uploads the files to my personal host through an FTP configuration.

But when I compile the app, nothing works, it does not send the emails and does not upload the files to the FTP, in both cases it says access denied. as if it could not read the files inside the data persitency folder or if the app could not have access to the outside through internet I would like to know how to solve this, since it is necessary that the app does what I need it to do. Thank you very much.