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"Replacing Native Space Configuration with MRUK for Room Detection in Meta Quest 3 Mixed Reality App

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I have a problem. Currently, I have developed a series of mixed reality experiences for the tourism sector. My current idea is to position myself in a cultural center and sell the service, but I am encountering a difficulty: I do not know how to handle scene data in such a way that they are associated with the Unity scenes I have prepared. In other words, I need the app to detect when I enter one of the rooms in the cultural center.

To explain in more detail: I have performed 8 scans with the glasses, let's say they are 8 rooms. I extracted the data from each of the rooms individually using the command "adb pull /sdcard/scene_anchors_empty_room.json," and now I am trying to work with "Mruk." Initially, I couldn't deserialize the JSON due to a structure conflict between "SerializationHelper" and "Json." I then designed a script to deserialize the JSON, and now it doesn't throw errors, but it still doesn't detect the room.

So, my specific request is: I need the correct data flow or data handling to make a JSON file replace the spatial configuration of the device, associating the room models with the Unity scenes. Note: Please take into account that I have no development knowledge and am working with AI, so any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.