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UE Avatars SDK - Beta Release 2

Heroic Explorer
Hi everyone and a huge thank you for participating in the UE4 Avatars SDK beta!

Following our initial build (which we distributed via dropbox), we've taken on board your feedback and updated the UE Avatars integration with the following changes from our first build:
  • The functionality is now in an ActorComponent instead of inheriting from the Pawn class. The user will need to attach an UOvrAvatar Component to the desired Actor in the scene. See the LocalAvatar.h/cpp code as a sample.
  • The RemoteAvatar and LocalAvatar classes demo the plugin/SDK functionality, but are now game side classes to show how to integrate things into the games Actors classes.
  • Set the height offset on the Avatar. This determines the transform updates coming from the HMD. This is work-in-progress and is currently hard-coded to 170cm.
  • Set the player type ( Local/Remote) and visibility. This determines whether you see full avatars (ovrAvatarVisibilityFlag_ThirdPerson) or only hands (ovrAvatarVisibilityFlag_FirstPerson). An example is included in the readme (too long for a forum post!)
Please contribute feedback and any questions on this private forum and comment below if additional forum usernames require access.

Right now we're focusing on optimizing Avatars for mobile as much as possible, but where we can make your lives easier within our timelines we will do.

We look forward to hearing how you're getting on with Oculus Avatars for Mobile and will keep you updated here with updates to our releases.


Mike Howard
Product Manager, Oculus Avatars