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4.26 Weird Listen server behaviour. World becomes attached to host

Level 4

Just did a test with 2 quests. Using VR expansion plugin and advanced sessions. This was a very simple basic test. Peer to peer multiplayer using the 'lan' setting. Getting the 2 quests together wasn't an issue, what happened after they got together was.

1. This is a very basic level for testing movement replication in real space. A large space was taped out on the floor (L shaped, 8 meters in one direction 5 in the other ~3 m widee).
2. The host would start the app, click a button to start a session and load the floor map as a listen server.
3. After the host did this, the client's quest would display that a session is found and they could join it. They would click a button and do so.

Problem: After the client joined the host, the host became unable to move properly. Prior to the client joining, the host could walk around in room space without issue. As soon as the client joined, the world became glued to the hosts HMD. When the host moved around in real space, the whole word just stuck to the HMD and followed. The client however was able to walk around freely.

We included 2 calibration points one for host and one for client. They would stand on the spot, and look straight ahead and hold a button to calibrate their position. The client was able to find their spot and calibrate and walk through normally while attached to the host, anyone ever seen anything like this?


Level 4

We're using advanced sessions with the 'lan' option to connect. The issue had nothing to do with connecting. It apparently had something to do with the characters that were derived from the VR expansion plugin characters. Switching those out for generic pawns fixed the issue.