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App Submission Fail Due to These Issues Despite Passing Manually with OculusVRCValidator

Level 2
Running into these errors after App submission to Oculus for Oculus Rift. Has anyone encountered these issues? Does anyone know a solution to them?
  • Our project was failing VRC.PC.Audio.1 in the Oculus Github branch of Unreal Engine (4.25.3). 

  • Downloaded the most current version of the Unreal Engine from Oculus’ GitHub branch (4.25.4), which fixed the Audio.1 error due to the new Audio SDK (1.52.0) but gave us these new failures.

    • Passed all tests manually and with the OculusVRCValidator.

      • Working examples for each VRC.PC:

      • Functional.3

        • Timer stopped running when HMD was removed and started again when the headset was placed back on.

        • Timer also stops when the player opens the Dash and resumes when returning to the game.

      • Input.2

        • Other than the timer pausing, a rolling ball would stop rolling and resume rolling when the player closes the dash menu.

      • Security.1

        • Calling the “Verify Entitlement” node within the first few seconds of starting the game. We have another game that is in an old version of the engine (4.19) running the same code that passed submission in December 2019.