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Audio Envelope doesn't work with Android Oculus Quest 2


Hi Guys,

I'm using an audio envelope in my project, moving geometry with the sound. In the case of Windows and Mac platforms, everything works fine. But, once I try to make a build for Oculus(Android), an audio envelope stops working. The same thing is with iPhone but, I didn't research it yet. So, the question is: Is it possible to get a working audio envelope for Android? It always shows 0 while the audio is playing. The same level in Widows version works perfectly.


When I'm trying simple audio as source it works, but as soon as I'm trying media sound, android refuses to give an audio envelope data... In my case I need exactly media sound beacuse I would like to give user a posibility to change the music on the run.





Expert Protege

If your sound is something played by the AndroidMediaPlayer then I suspect this will not work.  There are many features that haven't (can't) be implemented in the AndroidMediaPlayer that can be implemented on other platforms media player; at least, it can't be implemented without modifying the underlying Android operating system to expose what is needed.


From my investigations into trying to get audio intensity data from sounds played by the AndroidMediaPlayer, I found it to be a thin facade around Android SDK's Media Player, and so Unreal can only really make requests to the OS to play some audio, and so Unreal doesn't have much control to expose this.  So the experience will be akin to playing a YouTube music song on your phone; i.e. barebones media player functionality only.    

Wonderful answer CarpetFace, but, unfortunately useless for my idea. Can you please drop a line here, if this feature becomes possible, thank you.