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Bat (attached to controller) Collision Issue


Game: The Final Overs
App Lab Link:

Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4.26


Short overview of the game: it's a Cricket game where the player (batsman) is supposed the hit the ball with the bat (attached to controller) as far as he can, as fast as he can.


ISSUE 01: ball sometimes goes through the ground or bat i.e. misses collision
WORKAROUND: turn on CCD on the ball.


ISSUE 02: if we hit the ball with the bat fast then the ball doesn't get the expected impact force and is slowed down. Sometimes also happen if we move the bat slowly, but mostly happens if we swing the bat even slightly faster. Sometimes the ball even goes through the bat without receiving any impact.
WORKAROUND: turn on CCD on the bat. That fixes this problem, but then creates the next one.


ISSUE 03: after applying the workaround above, the ball gets collided to bat even from a distance of ~1 feet. There is a significant gap between bat and ball but the ball still gets hit especially when moving the bat fast. If I hold the bat still then the collision is mostly precise.


We have a replay feature that basically records bat & ball's positions every frame and then loops through them in slo-mo to create replay. You can clearly see a gap between bat and ball at time of impact.


We need a solution to issue 02 and 03, or maybe solving one of them will fix the other.


I highly recommend trying the game to better understand the problem. If you're willing to help then I'd be happy to share a key with you.


If you play, then please keep in mind the following:
- Pro difficulty mode has issue 02
- Normal & easy difficulty modes have issue 03


Please let me know if you need any further information. I have been working really hard to fix this but haven't found a solution yet. I will be SO grateful for any help regarding this.


Honored Guest

Have you got your issue solved ??
Because I am having issues in this domain so I wanted to get help from you...