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Better Blueprint support for Oculus platform SDK features

I was wondering if Oculus is currently working on better blueprint support for Oculus platform SDK features or what their plans are for the future.
Especially implementing Oculus Avatars via Blueprints only, VoIP, and Friends Invites would be really great to have.
@NinjaGaijin, maybe you could give us some insight on what Oculus' plans are for this?

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Yeah + Leaderboard & achievements, these are essential and it's one of the reasons that holds me to think about publishing my next game to Oculus store. a working UE4 version without playing in the source code of Oculus SDK  and native BP for MP session,VoIP, Leaderboard and achievements etc... will be nice to have. 

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Blueprint VoIP would be huge!

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I've been asking about Blueprints support for the past 3 years or so and since Unity is prioritized at Oculus over UE4 (especially for mobile VR; Oculus will deny this of course, but from the perspective of UE4 developer it sure seems to be that way), and that the belief is that if your are serious about making VR games you gotta use C++ (JC, I am looking at you), I don't see if we will get full BP support for Avatars and Platform features any time soon 😞 

It does seem like Unity is prioritized over UE4!
And I don't understand why they have some things like verification, retrieving oculus ID/name and partially matchmaking in BPs but not the other stuff. 
Would be really great to have an official statement by Oculus regarding this so we can manage our expectations / plan accordingly.

I can't even use the lip syncing right now. It just undoes my lip sync sequences and makes them output 0 until I remake them all, every time I open the project. Can't compile, because of errors.

I don't have the technical C++ skill to fix this stuff, Blueprints animation level design and game play design are what I do.

So it's so powerful but some extremely basic features are missing (like the ability, to know, compile and use it). It's depressing and frustrating. I guess I'm going to have to dive into C++ and how to fix this stuff myself but I'm already tight on time. 

Sorry I don't mean to complain, I know there's a lot to do and a lot of people are doing their best. It's just I'm slightly dependent upon this so it makes me worried, yknow?