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[ Bink ] Graphical glitches when using Bink on Oculus

Honored Guest

Hello everyone,


I wanted to try out the new Bink Plugin in 4.27, but I have some odd problems with it on the Oculus Quest 1 and 2. The application, I'm currently implementing Bink in, switches to a black screen whenever I look in a certain direction. (Most of the time it’s 90 degrees to the left, relative to the forward direction of your playspace)

To Pinpoint the problem, I created a project based on the VRTemplate. Without changing anything, just activating Bink, the application does not even load and hangs in the 3 dots screen forever. I then found out, that there seems to be a problem with the OculusXR Plugin, because when deactivated it and activated the standard Oculus VR Plugin, the application starts and runs fine. However, when I deactivate Vulkan, the odd graphical glitches begin to happen here too.


When you look into a certain direction, the cubes on the table and the ball behind the table disappear. (Only on Quest 2) And if you press teleport, bam, black screen. Sometimes I even had the same bug, that the screen went black when I looked into a certain direction, however the screen came back when looking away from it. That did not happen in my actual application where I wanted to implement Bink.


Does someone have any idea why this is happening and how to solve it, besides switching to Vulkan? (Which is certainly an option, but I would like to understand the problem first, so that I don’t run again in other issues down the line)


I uploaded the sample project on Dropbox, so you can try this for yourself. The state it comes in has the standard Oculus VR Plugin and Bink Plugin activated and Vulkan deactivated.


Thank you and best regards,