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Cannot access scene model entities at runtime on UE5.2 / Quest 3

Hi there,

I cannot access the scene model which I previously captured using Scene Capture. For my test, I have added the table of my PC workstation.

Following the documentation I have added an OculusXRScene actor and configured it.

This has definitely worked, as I can see the box shape representing the table when I hit "play in VR". Also, I can see the SceneMesh which I recorded with the depth scanner on the Quest3.

When I call GetActorsBySemanticLabel and specify "TABLE" as per the semantic label list on the documentation page, I get zero actors.

I am wondering if this is because I use link (for fast testing) but it would surprise me since I can access the scene mesh. 

Thanks for any hint!!


Honored Guest

Hey, were you able to solve the "GetActorsBySemanticLabel returning zero actors"?
I can't get it to work on a packaged build.

Make sure your scene is populated before calling Get Actors by Semantic Label. You can check if the scene is populated with the "Is Scene Populated" node and then populate with the "Populate Scene" node. Hope that helps!

I keep getting IsScenePopulated as false even though I click on 'PopulateScene' in the UI after I do scene capture (setting up TABLE and OTHER.)


I also have this error in the app's logs pulled from the headset-
```LogMR: Error: ovrp_InitializeMixedReality() failed```

I have MetaXR plugin ticked and also have the passthrough enabled, anchor support, scene support all ticked to true.


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