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Cannot get Quest 3 Passthrough to work!

Honored Guest

So I have been working on this for days now.

I am on UE5.3.2 using MetaXR 62.

I have passthrough working in VR preview when I disable OpenXR.

I then Enable OpenXR for creating a build. 

Apk will be made successfully, get it on Quest 3 to test, it will load but with no passthrough. My hands are tracked correctly but they are invisible.

Any ideas here?


Heroic Explorer

I put a render settings for Unreal here
try importing it (project settings, Import the file) and see if the passthrough works. Also, of course, enable "passhrough" on Meta Xr plugin.
It looks like some render setting, like Forward shading, full float precision (something like that, i tried a few settings and it finally made it work here).
if you want make a backup of your settings to compare or restore to the original

check this too

render settings.PNG

Honored Guest

Download and open the Unreal-PassthroughSample project. Migrate the "PTBackground" level to your project. Package it and see if the PTBackground level has passthrough working.

Honored Guest

@Earthyns Did you figure it out? I have the exact same issue.