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CollisionCylinder won't follow the camera

Honored Guest

After I put the PAWN camera into UE5 and connected it to QUEST LINK. I can simply use a helmet to walk around in a simple scene, within the set game space. But my CollisionCylinder did not produce any actual displacement. So when I made an elevator, I triggered it to rise as I approached it. Although I could trigger this event by giving the camera a subset, I did not generate any displacement of the camera as it ascended due to the CollisionCylinder not being in the camera's position. How can I solve this problem.The ultimate desired effect is that in this space, I don't use a handle, only a helmet, and can take the elevator up.TX!!!!


Expert Protege

If I understand correctly, you are saying the elevator comes, but when it rises up, you don't rise up with it?

If so, when it arrives, once you are overlapping with it, attach your pawn to it, and when the elevator reaches the destination, then detach your pawn from it