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Colocation and Share Scene Sample not working on Unreal 5.3.2



I'm trying to build a local multiplayer app in large rooms.
I saw that the new version of the Scene API was updated to handle large rooms, even though I have to set the room then disable the guardian (because the max guardian is too small).

Both samples are not working on Quest 3 by design because it lacks the code to, which I was able to fix. However:

- ColocationHS sample does not work at all on Quest 3. Once I click on "Create session", it crashes ;

- Share Scene Sample partially works as I'm able to create the Shared Anchor and share the scene, but the scene on the client is not located at the right place. It seems that it shared well the number of meshes, but the location of them is wrong and their scale too.

Would any one be able to help?



l would also love to know about this.. since months trying to simple share anchor between two headsets, and it seems just impossible... no tutorials, no documentation, no support.