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Deploying Quest 2 Native So Much Easier Now

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OMG - Deploying native quest so much easier on latest Oculus Build 4.26.2.... Just finished building new PC and was dreading setting up the the build environment. So... much.... easier .... now. 


1)  Download and compile engine from Oculus github.

2)  Create new project following settings from

3)  Package 

4)  Deploy to device using the InstallXXXX.bat in the package directory.


Just wanted to share for anyone still stuck on old versions and hesitant to deal with it.  




Level 5

could also use project launcher
open project launcher select your connected headset Android_ATSC, by_the_book, and launch

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Thanks for sharing - yes, you can also launch to the device directly from the editor... but that also had issues in the original 4.26.


When 4.26 originally came out, there were significant undocumented configuration changes required in order to run on device.  The stock Epic 4.26 was even worse for running on device.  I know several developers that stayed on 4.25 because of this.  (If you are interested, you can google and find numerous videos on YouTube that document the steps required)


Using the new Oculus 4.26.2 branch, I had zero issues, and is a much better experience.