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Download Files the Right Way on Android in Unreal Engine


I came across this blog post from Oculus regarding the proper way to request a download from the Android OS. Here is the article:


I'm trying to download video files on a Quest 2 app built in Unreal 4.26 Oculus Integration version but it isn't as simple as just creating a java. There are a few plugins I've looked but have so far failed to fully implement including :



I'm having an issue implementing the Java DownloadHelper class since I can't seem to include the DownloadHelper package with these plugins.

Has anyone out there tackled this issue the "recommended" way per the article linked?


What would be even better is if Oculus could create a post for Unreal the way they did for Unity!
Any assistance would be much appreciated!


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Hey Hamilton, I want to download videos on my Quest app developed with Unreal. Were you able to find a way for this?



I've been using the Runtime Files Downloader plugin in my applications forever and it works like a charm. Just mind the maximum download size.

Runtime Files Downloader in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace (

Home · gtreshchev/RuntimeFilesDownloader Wiki (

Hi, I'm also using this plugin in my Quest 2 app.

How large of a file can you download? I'm trying to use this plugin to download a 1 GB video file, but my app crashes at the time of saving it.

Hi @MindfulFlora, I don't really remember because this was a long time ago, maybe 4 GB? The marketplace page clearly states that over 2 gigs is doable. 



Do you have Android permissions to read and write Internal/External storage?