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Entitlement fails on some organization account but not others?

Honored Guest

Hey everyone!

I'm having a weird problem where some accounts in my organization fails their meta entitlement while other accounts succeeds it *on the exact same build*. 0.0


Here some more context :
Engine : Unreal Engine 5.2

Blueprint code


Game has been added to an app to the alpha release channel.
Both user A and user B are members of the organization.
Both user A and user B have been added to the release channel.
Both user A and B can open the "official" appLabb app and get authenticated.
But if I change the name of the app (myApp_02 instead of myApp for example), then user A can get authenticated but not user b. 


Error messages :
User does not have app in library
And if I call "User get user proof" I get : 
User proof error invalid OAuth 2.0 access token type OCApiexception Code 190 Token exception error data fbtraceid

Having build with different names is very useful during development. Is there a reason some accounts fails the authentication test while some others succeed? I looked everywhere and I can't figure out why.


Thanks in advance.