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Facebook's Meta Avatars available for Unreal VR development?


Is Meta Avatars SDK support available for Unreal VR development to Oculus? I see from the documentation, that Meta Avatars SDK has been rolled out for Unity development, I don't see Unreal mentioned anywhere. Last I knew was that Oculus had separate build of Unreal for the support of Oculus Avatars, but now that it's been deprecated and Meta Avatars being the new norm, how is the support being given to Unreal? Someone, please help me out. Any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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Any news about this? I cand find anything about it


No mate, there's no support for Unreal Engine as of now. Apparently, it looks like there might not be. Earlier, Oculus had its own SDK for Avatars, thereby they used to push their own support to UE on GitHub. But ever since it got deprecated and Meta Avatars became the default for Oculus there has been no updates pushed to UE. The reason might be because of the Meta Humans released for v5 by UE, they might be pushing for one of their own and simply might not be working with Meta for that. (You see this in many cases, where one of the fonts developed by Google isn't supported in Apple based devices for use) Whereas Unity doesn't have anything like Meta Humans on their end as far as I know, so Meta has rolled out support to them.

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The news from last Oct was that Avatar SDK was coming in December, and that it would be integrated into UE sometime in 2022.  I don't believe there has been an update, and since we are still in 2022, I have no reason to believe that they are not untrack to deliver.  Unfortunately, I didn't keep track of the source of that news when I made the note for myself.  If you have a source more recent than Oct 2021 that they aren't going to bring it to UE could you direct me to that source?

Hey there mate! If it wasn't clear in my previous reply, I was just speculating there. So sorry if it was misleading. Just that, I didn't find any source that gave any updates or deadlines on the SDK for UE. But now that you say it, I remember that in an article that said the SDK was rolled out for Unity developers, it was mentioned that support for Unreal will be rolled out eventually, but no promised timeline. Yeah, let's hope that it would be rolled out eventually but soon!



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I do not want the player to keep his Meta avatar in my game and. In addition, this is where you may be able to help me, I do not understand how could it be possible... I'd like to know everything what I can on the management of Meta avatars under Unreal... If you now something...


Hey, anyone has news about this? I understand the Metahumans issue, but they can't run properly in Standalone at least with the hardware we have today, and you have your own avatar in Meta, why do you wanna use a Metahuman if you previously have your own Meta avatar.