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Find Matchmaking Sessions Works Once

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When I create a matchmaking session, I can call Find Matchmaking Sessions and it will find the session the first time it is called; however, if I attempt to call Find Matchmaking Sessions a second time, it will succeed, but the list will be empty. Why would this be happening?
  • Should Pool Manage Rooms: Yes
  • Users can Create Rooms = True
  • System Can Create Rooms = False
  • Can unmatched users join matchmaking room = Yes
  • Can the matchmaking service keep matching into the same room... = Yes
  • Enable host migration... = Yes
  • Min Users = 2
  • Min Preferred users = 2
  • Max Users = 1024
  • Max Preferred Users = 1024
  • Skill Component = None
  • Consider Ping Time = No

Also, the docs said not to set the preferred user count if you're using Browse Mode, but it automatically sets them to the same values as the min and max.

And another issue I have had is when I use Find Matchmaking Sessions, it will not find ones created by other people. The issue with not being able to find matchmaking sessions was I needed to set the query param OCULUSPOOL with the Pool Name; I was still using some old code querying Moderated Rooms.

Update - the first time I performed Find Matchmaking Sessions, I waited a while and eventually got a warning from the OnRoomNotificationUpdate method stating: "Session was gone before the notif came back". And here is some output from the  Oculus Rooms and Matchmaking Debugger. Also note that the Room ID (second column from right) is different from when the the sessions was created and the first time it was queried.

So, it seems like something is causing the room to disappear.

Creation Session
Find Matchmaking Session 1

Find Matchmaking Session 2

Private Rooms

I started using Private Room, but I am experiencing a similar issue. Sometimes when I query of a friend's session, it fails to find the session; however, from the host's perspective it says the session is valid and in the Rooms and Matchmaking Debugger it says the room was created and joined. I found a way to make it work, but it is not a solution - the host has to destroy and recreate the session.

Did another test - I created a Private Room and didn't do anything (move my character, etc) and after five minutes, a Room Notification Update occurs and that's when the session cannot be found. I was able to use the Room ID to see slightly more information - a Room Leave event occurs for some reason. Finally, I called Destroy Session and another Room Leave event occurs.

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Matchmaking Solution

The issue was I was only using one account to debug creating and finding matches -- you apparently cannot be in a session and find matches.

And still after five minutes a Room Leave event occurs and I also got a new error:

matchmaking enqueue room error_code: PERMISSION_DENIED

If there are two users in the rooms, the Room Leave event does not occur after five minutes and the last event's timestamp gets updated matchmaking enqueue everytime I use the submit button in the Rooms and Matchmaking Debugger.