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[Fixed] Quest 2, Hand tracking within VR Preview / PCVR not working

Honored Guest

I am building a prototype using Lumen and hands tracking V2. 
I can not figure out how to see hands in VR preview or windows build / PCVR.

For now I am running Ue5.2.1, I am able to build for Quest 2 and Hands are working. ( the Hands Interaction train sample works well )

However with the same project, I can not see my hands in VR preview...

1 . I have my developer account and I've allowed OpenXR Extensions Through the beta tab in oculus APP "developer Runtime feature"
2. Meta XR API is set to "OVRPlugin+ OpenXR backend"
3. I have tried several combination of Pawn, with or without skeletal meshes,
      |      |__LeftOculusXRhand ( set with mesh and skeleton to left )
      |__RightOculusXRhand ( set with mesh and skeleton to Right)

none works in vr preview.

Im I missing something? is there anything to factory reset for it to work?
Anyone from @MetaQuestSupport could give us an hand? ( 😛 )

The plugin I am using is MetaXR 57.0,  MQDH 4.2, Oculus App Version




Honored Guest

I Finally found out!
thanks to OpenXR Explorer I have been able to see that I had No Runtime API set ( even though Oculus app said it was set).

There was some layers present from my VIVE headset but i think the culprit was the following
I also had Some xrEnumerateAPILayer that were present from my leap motion. 
After uninstalling both vive and Leap motion software, OpenXR explorer recognise oculus API as registered and ... the hands work!