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Flickering masked materials, is there any solution?

Level 2


I've tried to find a solution to the aliasing masked materials in Oculus Quest 2, for a mobile app. It's especially visible when we use backdrops with masked textures or for masked vegetation. All the edges gets very jagged and flickering.
It helps using translucent material instead but it is so costly, and preferably we'd want to avoid that.

I'm not really a tech artist and I have tried to find out if someone else have found a solution. I've tried out the alpha to coverage that is available through the materials settings but I couldn't see any difference at all.

Is there some rendering settings I need to edit or is there some function we would need to enable within the project? Or is it some hardware limitation?

In the project settings we're using:
We're using 4xMSAA
Instanced Stereo
and Mobile Multi-view

However in some of the mobile apps I do play I don't experience the flickering on the trees. However I have no idea what their materials are set up to be like.
Is using masked materials even an option?

Thank you for reading and I hope you could shed some light to this dilemma.


Level 3

i am having the same problem. Did you find a solution? I opened a ticket about this issue, but there was no response.

Sadly no, I have not found a solution yet. I'll definitely share it here if I find one...!