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Get ASW FPS readout in game

Level 3

Digging around a bit and I'm wondering if there is anywhere I can get the read out of ASW (ex: 36/72, 60/120 ) while in the game. I know about logcat and OVR metrics tool, but I'd like to have my developer menu show me the readout in the application. I'm ok with it not being totally accurate as it's just for eyeballing purposes.

In unreal while ASW is running, stat UNIT only gives me the cut down fps IE: 36 or 60 etc., so really just wondering if this is something I can source from the api or something. log cat points to VrApi jar file, but I can't open that to look at it. Any ideas? Do I even have access to this info from within unreal?


Level 4

You can use the Metric HUD from Oculus Developer Hub  


you can enable all stat with adb command:

adb shell am broadcast -n com.oculus.ovrmonitormetricsservice/.SettingsBroadcastReceiver -a com.oculus.ovrmonitormetricsservice.ENABLE_STATS