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`GetAvailableDisplayFrequencies` Function Broken for XR API: "OVRPlugin OpenXR"


I am developing an Unreal Engine app for Quest and recently moved from the Oculus XR API, "Legacy OVRPlugin", to the XR API, "OVRPlugin OpenXR".

After moving to the"OVRPlugin OpenXR" XR API, the Oculus library function `GetAvailableDisplayFrequencies` just returns an empty array instead of a legitimate list of the possible display frequencies. 

I am still able to set the display rate with `SetDisplayFrequency`. I am just unable to check the available frequencies. It would be helpful if I was able to check the available frequencies so I could always choose the highest frame rate option from the list. (Although this may not usually be best practice, it is very necessary for my particular app.)


Heroic Explorer

I encountered the same issue and reported it. The bug is fixed in an upcoming OVRPlugin release.

Great to hear!
How did you report a bug by the way? Did you do that via the Support -> Contact Us web form at ?

Yes, that is the best way to report a bug to Oculus support.