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Getting performance stats within application


I'd like to access the same performance stats as are given with 

adb -s %DEVICE%  logcat -s "UE4 -s VrApi" 

but *within* my own application. Does anybody have an idea how to achieve this? Is there any API I could access directly, or (plan B) could I somehow access the log data on the device itself?

I'm almost sure there should be some API endpoint I could use, I just don't know how to reach it.
I know that I probably could use some performance stats provided by the unreal engine, but this does not really fulfil all my needs. (i.e., getting the stale frames/sec).





Not sure what stats that command outputs but I can recommend two things. Wire up a control to toggle "stat scenerendering":


and/or use the ovr metrics tool to show (a different) overlay or record the results to a csv.

Hi, @CarpetFace and @SlaterNation, thanks for your hint. I'm aware of the OVR Metrics tool (and I'm using it almost every day in "HUD-mode").
I was just wondering if anybody already came up with an integration into UE4 - I can see they have an API for Unity and the Native SDK, but nothing for UE4.
I also do know about the possibility to write CSV files, however, that's not live data that I could use within the game in order to e.g. make a testrun and en/disable features depending on the performance limits.