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Hand Tracking Bug in Meta XR with Unreal Engine During Relative Pawn Movement

Honored Guest


I am experiencing an issue with my VR vehicle pawn hand tracking in Unreal Engine 5. The vehicle pawn has hands (motion controllers and Oculus XR hands), and when the vehicle moves, the hands exhibit unexpected behavior. Specifically, the hands move, shake, and change size while the vehicle is in motion. This significantly affects the immersion and usability of the VR experience. Notably, my real hand does not move, but in the VR vehicle pawn, it jerks, shakes, and changes size.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a VR vehicle pawn.
  2. Set up the VR vehicle pawn with a static mesh of a car, motion controllers, and Oculus XR hands in hands-only mode.
  3. Configure the vehicle pawn to move forward using the W key input.
  4. Observe the hands during vehicle movement.

Expected Behavior:

The hands should remain stable and maintain their size and position relative to the vehicle pawn while the vehicle is in motion, corresponding accurately to the user's real hand position and movements.

Actual Behavior:

The hands move, shake, and change size during the vehicle's movement, despite the user's real hand remaining stationary, resulting in a poor user experience.

Additional Information:

  • Unreal Engine version: 5.3.2
  • VR hardware: Quest 3


Could you please assist in resolving this issue? Additionally, could Meta and Unreal Engine consider addressing this in the next release Meta XR for Unreal Engine to improve VR hands moving interactions?

Thank you for your assistance.