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Hand Tracking Pointer Pose & Reset orientation and position [RESOLVED]

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I am having some issues with using the Pointer Pose and the Reset Orientation and Position. Whenever I reset the orientation and position the pointer pose is not aligned with my forward direction anymore. The pointer pose keeps pointing in the same direction as before calling the Reset Orientation and Position. 


I have tried all sorts of work arounds and solutions but it seems that no matter what the pointer pose will always point in the direction of the VR room space. 


Is this to be expected? Or is there a solution to this?




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I have found the solution to the problem and I must say it's not straight forward at all.


Calling reset orientation and position ultimately seems to call SetBaseRotationAndBaseOffsetInMeters in the oculus function library passing in the values to be applied as a delta and an offeset on the camera. The delta and offset values seem to be kept around and therefore you can call GetBaseRotationAndBaseOffsetInMeters at any point to retrieve the applied delta and offset. This means that to get the final pointer pose you will have to apply the base rotation negated yaw on the pointer transform before using it. I didn't quite figure out the location though but since I don't need it, it's fine for me.




That is the final result and for anyone wondering the GetBoneLocation nodes are mine and not part of the oculus input function library.

Thank you so much I had the same problem and this works. I attach an image of how I implement it, it is the same solution as Anonymous but applied in a slightly different way.Captura.PNG